Hoi An with my lovely sisters and brother.

           Here is some photos from Hoi An trip. These were taken when my brother came back to  VN for his holiday,  he came back with his girlfriend who is really cute ( she's not photogenic though).So we took a trip to Hoi An to buy some Alibaba pants for my mom and me. Also i wanted to test my new camera and filmed a video about our trip.Luckily, we went to Hoi An on Full moon festival so we had a chance to see Lanterns on the river. There wasn't any electric light in Town but  lanterns, they sold many things on the street and people, they danced, they sung, strolling,... I must say it was such a beautiful night.       

It seemed the buffalo's ass loved Huong.

i love animals that's why The buffalo didn't give his ass at my face