Because of studying, my sister- Huong coudn't take me to anyplace to celebrate her birthday party.And 2 days ago was a great time to do it.After confusing between Korean food or Italian, we chose, yes Italian food. I eat here many times but those time, i usually ate pizza, nothing else. So i decided to order spaghetti with cream sauce, while my sister ordered risotto.Huong thought that there weren't enough for us and she wanted to order more but i said "   we can order later". And i was right. Both of food were too much that If i see spaghetti again, i will run far away. But they were so good, so yummy :). Especially the cream sauce, i can't forget this tatse.

Then, i had a frozen yogurt with another sister :D and her name is Huong too. You can see her in my previous post frozen yogurt . Oh, yes, in Frozen yogurt shop too.We went to new frozen yogurt shop, I really don't like this shop. They don't have many toppings although they have many tastes of yogurt.