December 30, 2012

Nice to see you again, Winter!!!

Here are some winter outfits that i wore this year
Here is what i wore when i literally homeless, kinda boring but these were all i had that time. 
as you can see, black is  my favorite

these two are my most favorite
and this one too,

snow storm

December 27, 2012

Tough month

 Since I came back to Seattle, i really didn't have time to write blog. Looking for place to live, dealing with " asshole" weren't good memories. Well, after finding out a place, i moved in without thinking how my life was gonna be.  The day I moved to new apt was christmas and holly mother, that was my nightmare. All my good friends came back to Viet Nam, some came back to island, some travelled like far far away. However, i decided to celebrate christmas with a friend but it turned out that she was stuck at somewhere.  Yup, i spent my christmas in my apt and had no food to eat since all the stores nearby were closed. Waiting for my neighbor to ask him whether i can borrow his wifi for couple days wasn't a memory that i will remember since he didn't come back that night. Okay, no internet, no food, lonely, sleeping was my only choice but seemed god wanted to challenge me. Before going to bed, there was someone who is groaning like having xxx and then at midnight, BOOM BOOM, two shootings happened near my apt but this wasn't a scariest part. Couple minutes later, a conversation between VietNamese on upper floor really freaked me out. Why? because there isn't any upper floor? Why?, because i'm the only VietNamese in this apt.I calmed myself that things happening were dreams but WTF, they weren't.
    Anyway, i'm so happy that the next day things have been better to me. The neighbor came back, I discovered a liar, friends came to pick me up for coffee.However, just moment ago, the shooting sound stil scared me but but still a good day!
Had pho before saying goodbye to my dear friend.

Coffe tonight

Bo bia as an apology from a friend

Christmas night


December 11, 2012

La Petite Maison

This is a gift to one of my close sisters before she gets married.

December 2, 2012

" What's in your bag)

     I think " What's in your bag" tag is really interesting, i already planed to do this sometimes ago but always cancelled at the very last minutes for some reasons ( Nah, i was just so lazy -.-') so Here are what in my bag recently. :D
   1. My lomo action sampler and kodak 200: I got this as a gift from my brother and carried it almost like everyday but haven't printed any film roll ( i guess there was one roll).
   2. The glasses: It's just a normal glasses, not a short-sighted one since my eyes are quite sensitive and easily got allergy with dusts and stuffs ( i use sunglasses instead during the day)
  3. Iphone: My best friend forever :D
  4. Canon camera: My second best friend forever. :D
  5. Hand cream from l'occitane i stole from my mother, it smells fresh and makes my hands feel smoothly.
  6. Lotion butter from The body shop: I bought this product because it didn't test on animals. It's sometimes so buttery but really effective in the winter.
  7. Lip balm butter from the body shop: I bought at the same time with the butter one. It's good but  i prefer EOS lip balm though.
 8. Lipsticks: I LOVE lipsticks, i don't make up usually, only lipstick is enough for me. I can use any kind of lipsticks and don't really care their brands ( i do care their prices 0_o). My favorite one are rouge artist from makeupforever ( i got free from Sephora :D), Milani in rose ( 5 bucks wohhoooo) and several different ones.
9. Perfumes: I only use small editions. First, it's convenient to carry and secondly, i don't want to stick with one perfume for awhile.
10. coins for everything: laundry, bus and stuffs...
11. Watches: I got some from my friends, i don't like buying watches honestly, i love wearing them though ( Troll face 0,0)
12. Wallet and some instant photos, which remind happy memories for me when i'm sad.

Cinnamon latter i made :X