November 29, 2011

some silly things

     ( Skip this post if you don't like shopping)
    I haven't taken photo for month, i think i'm just too busy for my move and right now, it's the time to hang out with friends or gather in a dinning room with my parent. But this week, i have 2 photoshoots to go and 1 photoshoot i'm editing right now, i'm really excited about it cuz  i'm not a good photographer and my photography skill has been decreasing a lot. I was so supprised that someone has contacted me for the photoshoot, i really appreciate the opportunities they gave me, thought i'm not sure how these photos turn out but hopefully, all goes well.

Me, behind the scene one of my recent photoshoot.
     Anyway, today was really freaking fucking awesome day.  Finally i found these two checkered shirts i have searched for a long time.Although it's easy to find these such shirts but with this price, i coudn't dream anything better and one of my sisters, she gave me a most incredible present ever - a black leather bag.I had  considered buying a black leather bag ( trend :)) ) but its price is so expensive.  At the end of this month, god loves me so much :D. 



    This week is also a makeup week, i think. Firstly, i secretly bought for myself a powder pact  and a base cream  from Ohui which were recommended by my sister. Secondly, I still can't believe that my mum gave me a Makeupforever cream blush which has been in my christmas list for a long time.My mum, who is the person never allows me to use makeup at my age. She kept talking that makeup is really bad for my face ( that's why i hadn't used makeup until now) , although she uses makeup too. That was really surprised !. Now i have my own makeup collection.Yay Yay Yay !

November 24, 2011


         ( Velvet Magazine, Costume Norway Magazine, Fashion Gone Rogue)

November 16, 2011

Roast salmon with lemon butter sauce

        Cooking is the best way to relax when i feel so boring. Although i'm not good in cooking but there are some recipes i wanna share. :D. This recipe is my simple version. I'm not sure will it be suitable for you or not but i like it.
           Ingredients  : butter, garlic, white wine, parsley, lime, a salmon fillet,pepper.
               ( all photos are taken by my phone so the qualities are not good)
1. to make sauce : melt the butter then add lime juice, pepper, wine, garlic, salt, sugar and parsley ( it depends on your flavor).
2. Roast the fillet ( i usually add lime juice on surface of the fillet  and then roast).

3. Put  sauce over  top of   salmon then enjoy it :D                     

November 8, 2011

Am i weird?

          i think i'm straight, but my sisters keep talking as if i'm weird when i was drinking coffee. I think people may have strange habit in something. For me, that is in drinking coffee. When i want to drink coffe, that would be a rainy day with freezing wind, surely and importantly while i'm sipping my cup, i always wear my favorite grey hoodie which has a funny face on it, if i can't find that hoodie, i won't drink coffee anymore althought i bought it :)). Also if the coffee doesn't have cookies that day, i won't buy coffee. Oh, think about it, maybe i'm really weird.
          Some photos i took for a long long long long time ago. My first try with wedding photos.

November 6, 2011

             I just finished my busiest week. And last night, i had a huge birthday party with my friends. Although at the first time, i was so angry and upset because i had thought that they always saw me as an maid ( there were something happening), then i acted like a children but i didnt even know that they celebrated a secret party for me. After our dinner, when they told me they had an important exam tomorrow and coudn't hang out with me anymore, i said ok and drove my friend to her house. While i was driving her to home, she told me she forgot her key and had to go to her cousin's house. Then instead of going to her cousin's house, she took me to a place where my friends was waiting. AND then , Boom, they showed up and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I thought i cried that moment because they were so good to me and i was like a crazy girl.I'm so happy to have friends like them. Hopefully, we will be close friends forever.
                               "THERE IS NOTHING FINAL BETWEEN FRIENDS"