Monday, April 4, 2011

Chilly night

        I haven't taken photos for month. So many homeworks, many things to do. It just makes me forget my camera. Day by day, i feel like i'm not intersting in photo anymore. Or, i'm losing it.When i told this with my sister . She comforted me that i shouldn't worry about that and my feeling will be back someday....Maybe.
          Otherwise, I had a nice night with my sister. She took me to her favorite coffe shop - Nep , also my favorite too. I'm not kind of people who like go out at night . But that night was great. I means the music, the feeling, people, owner's coffe shop, coffe art, good sister.Watching people on the road, thinking about my future, gossiping with my sister were awesome too.


My favorite model

also my good sister

her lipgloss

Han market ( point view from window of the coffe shop)

 ( sorry for the quality of these photos, it was so dark here)


  1. ớ sao bảo chuyển lên 15 HVT r nhỉ ?

  2. ừa, chuyển lên tuần kỉa tuần kia rồi rôi :)) . Bài này viết từ hồi trước rồi, Mà giờ mới đăng. Nghe noi chỗ 15 HVT đẹp lắm. Khi mô về, qua vs em. Em chưa qua nữa là

  3. =(( uh, thấy ảnh Tin chụp r, đẹp lắm.
    mà cái blogspot này k có chế độ báo comm nhỉ, giờ vào mới thấy :D