Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Culottes // outfits

 I think I have a love for culottes this summer.  A crazy love. TOO crazy!

 Culottes have been a trend for awhile. And if you didn't know, I hate wearing something trending at " the trending moment", which obviously make culottes put into my category of " Items I might never wear". Actually, thinking back about it now, Before falling in love with culottes, I do own one and It was a souvenir from Sapa in Viet Nam, which the highland minorities usually wear LOL. But that's all, I didn't really want one and never really had the intent to try it. Until Last February, when the place I'm working at had a huge selection of culottes, and the culottes that introduced me to the new world, and opened my eyes ( what should I call, Love at first sight maybe? ) was laying there, soft and silky, boho and elegant. I knew my fashion philosophy was done, this was the end of it, this silky baby would go home with me that day =)) . From that moment, I don't even know when, why and how,  that I ended up with 5 culottes already.


Was my new philosophy at that day.

One of my favorites is the  frayed jean culottes from F21 . I like wearing jeans but sadly, I don't own a lot of jeans. Mainly because I never found one that fits me perfectly, except for the Uniqlo jean I've mentioned in some posts before. Anyway, If I remember correctly, I got this one on sale for like $10 and comes pretty big at the waist despite its size in XS. However, that doesn't stop my love for it  as long as you have a good looking belt, and don't care your sexiness would drop 10x in front of your bf/friends when wearing it, then these jeans are a huge deal for you ( and me).


             Don't ask me why I put my hands in my pockets in all of the photos...
                   Obviously,  I look super cool when my hands are in my pockets. :))

I have had a lot of fun with Snapchat filters lately ( You will see very soon in an upcoming post why I say that), but I don't really share them to any of my social media accounts ( Even Snapchat itself LOL)  except my Instagram, which I have closed temporarily. So I guess why not just put them on this blog from now on.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Last summer

 I don't think I have talked much about my last summer ( or the summer before last summer :)) ). Not to your surprise, pretty much what I did last summer was having a fun time picking up berries, chilling under the sun, getting tanned , tacos, eating, tacos, eating and eating... Oh, and a good memory of summer trip to Yosemite, California. But as usual, I will save this story for another time. For now, let's hope some of these pictures that were luckily salvaged amongst the jungle of untitled folders ( thanks to my goldfish memory) can tell you a little bit of how my summer went.

  • Some of my summer outfits.  
  • My summer starts with endless trips to berries farms. It was my first summer to pick  berries myself, or more exactly, the first time that I picked my own fruits :)).  Pros are that they were much cheaper compared to grocery stores, you can eat as much as you want while picking them, and the feelings afterward of eating your own hand picked fruits make the berries taste 10 times better. Cons are that you might get fruit poison, the sun most likely will kill you, and you don't know how much time, blood, and sweat you have to spend just to  fill up a medium size box of berries
  • I spent 2 days in Vancouver, Bc for the biggest night market in North America. 3 words for it: crowded, boring, small. ( even the food didn't taste good). But well, at least, I could be able to see how rich Chinese kids driving Ferraris all over streets in Richmond, BC ( no offense, just telling the truth ...) . Even a friend of mine had to say she felt like living in Hong Kong ( she never been to Hong kong, but you got what I mean right :))). We had a great time, It was also the first time I've seen the moon was so huge on its horizon line. We were driving through the bridge during twilight,  the river was sparkly lightened up by the lights from buildings on the two sides the rivers, reflecting the shadow of the moon. I felt like the moon is in front of me and running with us along with the beautiful night view of Vancouver. The view was magically beautiful
  • I ate a lot.

We tried Pepper lunch again in Vancouver.  Not as good as Japan ( obviously) and pretty pricey. 

Mango Sago

Highly recommended when traveling to Seattle: Il corvo Pasta . All handmade pasta with different menus each day. 

Of course some BBQ ribs for  summer.

... best Deep dish pizza in Seattle. Unfortunately,  It was closed down couple months ago already :(.

My dream couple years ago was living in a house full of cats. Also, that's 2 Sphynx cats kissing each other :))

Home -made tteokbokki for late night.

Birthday dinner with my friend.