Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kun's ilog: the beginning of winter

As you can see by the title, I welcome you to the " probably" new blog series 😗 . Hope you can link the title with the meaning behind it. 😀

   Ever since I lost my beloved old friend camera, I came to realize how powerful my iPhone camera can be😂.  Honestly, I took a lot more photos than when I still had the big camera,  I did use iPhone camera pretty often but to this " awakening" level of how convenient and good iPhone camera is, I guess losing my big boy wasn't really that bad 😢. Back to after the trip from California, I've been using my iPhone camera as my main buddy, I guess this " awakening" level is more about my mental mind, like: " oh, I better make up by not having good quality photos by taking more phone photos".  With that said, I literally took all of my outfits almost every day before heading out somewhere else, imagine bringing my mirror out to the balcony, posing like a supermodel despite people walking by questioning wth is that girl doing,  is that an Instagram thing :)) (sadly, my apt is too dark and too messy to be a photogenic background). Well, the point is iPhone is really handy =)), the quality is pretty decent ( duh, I own the phone for like over a year and now I finally admit that). E.g all my snow photos are taken by my phone, just yesterday when I sent them out to my brother, he was like: "wot, did u already get the new camera"

I'm thinking about either getting the Fuji xt2 or the upcoming XT-20. The reason is...  see you next post.

Sweater & pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Nasty gal.
what do you do when you get bored in the car, I introduce you 50 shades of the same angels through car visor. 

The day when My eyes look happy, the day when I smile and don't look like I don't have eyes, the day when People stop asking me am I lacking of sleep is the day  when I reincarnate into a different person... or with the help of surgery ...😂😀 #monolideyesproblem ( jdk, I love my eyes)


Rarely share photo of this guy face but it's too hilarious w Laina's pouch :)))

My colorful and dark darlings. 


Sneaky street style photo defined as when you're not confident to take their photo in front. 

Christmas nails aka the very last time I did nail arts :))
The ugliest Pikachu I've seen

                                                  Beautiful harmonious moment of life: Pizza
goodbye meal before my sister flew back to Boston

First time making croissant, failed so hard 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seattle winter storm

  • Pardon me for a bunch of snow photos below, it's just my love for snow is too big.
  • Seattle rarely has snow. Going back to when I first came to America, a month after living in Seattle, I got welcomed by one of the biggest snow storms in decades for Washington.  The snow built up to my knees, at the time, I was so naive to quickly believe Seattle was a snow land for me. Indeed, My next 5 years here, My beloved dream Seattle snow land never happen once again, ever... until 2 days ago, also melted as fast as a leopard chasing its prey. 😀
  • But well, I have snow photos.  The end!
( turn out east coast having a huge blizzard over there,  so  good luck and stay safe for everyone living there!)

before the show time

You realize you're old when there is no desire to dress up for snow photos but only concerning your warmth and making sure no faceplanting is needed.