A day in Ballard market// Seattle Localidies

Do you like the tag I made up for my Seattle travel guides & tips ( not entirely guide though) :))? 

I'm not claiming myself as, a true Seattle Local, the ones who are born and raised here, but living on this land over 5 years Has given me the privilege of  " I know Seattle better than Tourists". 

If you scroll down my blog till 2012, my blog was basically full of Seattle travel under the cover of my diaries. You will see food, some random places & actives, or just some boring sh*t  I did around Seattle in particular and PNW in general.  That being said, I'll collect all of them under a tag #seattlelocalidies and let you know when it's ready. Unfortunately, I don't do bars ( I was maybe at some bars already but just for food not for social life I guess 😂)  or clubs (I can ask my friends though If you wonder). Though when it comes to food, and some other activities around Seattle, I can generously tip you some of my favorite places without any additional charges ;). 
Today I introduced you One thing I really love about Seattle are the farmers' markets. I know that each city has their own farmers market and probably maybe better. To me, it's probably the only regular weekend day beside big events and coffee shops that you actually see a lot of people gathering in the cold winter day. All the farmers' markets are open again for the summer and it's just like festivals during the weekend ( that's why you should visit Seattle in Summer or spring, the best seasons for tourists). This Saturday You go this farmers market, then the next Sunday it's time for another one. It never ends, unless you get bored with it. 

Link to check the schedules and information of SeattleFarmer Markets: http://seattlefarmersmarkets.org/   

One of my favorite farmers' markets is Ballard's farmers market. Unless there is some other Farmers Market that only operates once in a while or during summer, this one opens all year around.  Have been living here for a quite long time, I, in fact, hadn't been to this one until this winter. I know, I know, now you are probably wondering why would I tell you that I like Farmers markets but waited a good 5 years to visit this one... Simply it's because I also live next to a decent all year farmers market: Broadway farmers market, just a few steps away from my home on Sunday, Why would I have to go to Ballard? sometimes I would switch to UW farmers market about 15' driving away from where I lived, why would I have to go far away there, fighting for a parking lot?

Now  I know why, only 3 words:  Dogs, Donuts, and honey     

With Broadway farmers market, you get the good vegetable/fruits, farming produces. With Ballard farmers market, you get a good lively vibe before you actually get yourself some good stuff.                          

If you like dogs, this is a place you must go ( besides dog parks). I wished I was joking when Seattlelite usually say you would see dogs more often than children, Seattle is truly a heaven of dogs. I saw more dogs than other cities I've never been to. I thought NYC would have more dogs than Seattle but boys, I was so wrong. Dogs in coffee shops, grocery stores, in the parks, sometimes popping up on the streets, literally every corner of Seattle. You are not living in Seattle without seeing at least 3 dogs a day. And this market, along with the Magnuson park off leash, this is a paradise for dog lovers and a social event for dogs, you will see all different kinds of dogs that you probably didn't think they would exist, from the common everyone knows, the golden retriever, to the basic, corgi, and to the end with the ones I don't even know what they are. 

Island honey spring from Whidbey Island is my jam. When I tried the first time,  It literally brought me back to my childhood trying honey from my father's home country off of a bear's hand. the sweetness that doesn't taste like someone feeding bees with fructose sugar, it's melting right on my tongue. It is so good compared to the other honeys they sell, as well as all the honey I've tried in the other vendors and quickly become a mandatory goodie in my cabinet, which sadly makes "my lazy me" have to drag myself out of bed on Sunday to get it when I run out of it. The good of it became the sad of, at least, I'm happy with it 😂

Mini doughnuts: Now this one is one of my biggest guilts in my diet. I don't like donuts that much, but this one right here is easily the best donuts I've tried. It's hot and fully. crunchy and soft inside. Think of churros, but the fluffy version of them, like you eating crunchy tasty clouds.  I never wanted to try it, but my close sister, who has a biggest sweet tooths I ever met in my life, and also a snack junkie, couldn't wait for a second to buy a dozen of it, and we, after a first bite couldn't wait another second to finish them.  How the hell on earth did I never try this? Screw masalada/doughnut shop near my house, screw all the donut places I've been to, this is the best  💩  right here.  The mini donuts come with either powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar, my favorite one is cinnamon sugar but my sister and my SO insisted on the powdered sugar one. My suggestion is buying  a dozen ( or 2)  with half of each flavor :))))))))).  Also according to my sister, they have a mini donut store in Pike Place market too but it isn't as good as this one. I haven't tried it but will let you know someday. The sad part of this donut is it only opens on Sunday in the farmers market, the good part is it only opens on Sunday in the Farmers Market 😂😂😂 ( at least for me). 

We started our day with a very good biscuit from Biscuit and Bean .  They used to name Morsel and Bean but recently parted away from the famous Morsel . They are basically the same of everything, with different owners. I prefer this one better since they made my cardamom latte the perfect way and I'll probably talk about this place and Morsel in some other post but only 1 tip: Forget all the tourist trap biscuit places that you read on Yelp ( ahem, biscuit bitch in downtown Seattle...😑😗), Biscuit and Bean or Morsel are the best biscuits place in town ( trust me, all the locals go here, not the other ones). 

      You can also stop by Hotcakes - Molten chocolate cakey. This is the famous molten lava cake dessert place in Seattle. In my opinion, it's better than the famous molten lava cake place in NYC ( what is it name again? Spot dessert? ). They have 2 locations, one is on Capitol Hill near downtown Seattle, the other one in this Ballard location is the original one. My sister is also a fan of this place, their molten lava cake and the butter beer ( not the vanilla sugar drink Universal Studio) are the hit, though it gets greasy pretty quickly. I don't like it too much in particular but I took all my friends who visited Seattle to this place for safety and stable tourist place option :)))