Kun's ilog: my 2 cents

As you might know, I stopped using Instagram over half a year ago (also just so you know, still following, supporting and stalking people I know in a good secret manner though 😂).  I've explained the reason why I did it in another post,  to sum up, I didn't want to post photos in a way that I feel like it's not me and under an invisible pressure during the time, I knew that I didn't have to but still, something inside me told me to step back, take a break, when you feel the fresh breeze sweeping back, then let yourself decide what yourself want. More importantly, writing a blog entry, finishing and uploading made me feel more content than the likes I got or any comments on facebook/Instagram I received, whether or not people read my blog, weird right. In the booming social media times like now, People started switching from blogs to other quicker platforms like Instagram, or facebook. Honestly, I can't blame them, blogging takes much more time than spending a couple of minutes to edit a photo and upload it to Instagram or having a quicker/faster option to share your thoughts. I've been through that, the idea of dropping my blog was so big at the beginning of this booming time. To me, I started this blog because I wanted to share my photography passion at the time, I think that's the reason this blog still exist, I like filling it with colors from photos and shitty words from my brain.
But keeping up with it also means I have to take photos, it's okay, I love taking photos, I love my blog having some color in it, but the pain in the ass comes afterwards when you're sitting down and starting the whole process of selecting, editing, and putting them into one final piece. To this day, I shortened this process to only use lightroom and put them into a collage, even putting photos into collages took so much freaking time ( f me right ? :)),  I love lightroom btw, they are so convenient, I even edited video on them, good software ( just my 2 cents 👌 )
after the photos part is done, I need my words, the only problem at this point is my words never stay in the same damn place, they wander all around in my head, they come and go, sometimes they flood back, sometimes they never. Like today, I woke up and instantly opened my blog to write down all my thoughts/ideas, feelings, they came like waves, but other days, my mind was as gray as Seattle weather right now. It's hard for me to sit down and write words, especially in English. My English writing has been getting worse and worse after a year of graduating :)))))))))))))). To be fair, I've sucked at writing from the beginning anyway, and I used to hate English so much.  I'm not too bad, but definitely not good at it either. It was actually a scored subject for me during secondary and high school years because my mom invested a lot for me to study new languages ( thank god she did), so I managed to get a grasp of it ( otherwise this post has been written in Vnamese already, oh wait, I suck at writing in Vnmese  too😆) , I don't have any linguistic talent though, let's face the truth,  English is the universal language and a surviving tool for me in this country, even though I hate it, I have to love it :)). On the other side, I'm pretty good at public speaking, I don't want to brag about it but my facial gesture and shamelessly switching from extreme introvert to comedian extrovert in public speaking actually scored me  the best presenter in public speaking business and capstone classes and also one of... ( I should stop here), Anyway, I'm rambling and bragging about myself too much ( sorry, I never have a chance to brag this much abt myself anymore LOL, now or never😂), the point is blogging is one of the ways for me to improve my writing skills. It's the best way for me to express myself than other mediums, it's like my precious corner, where I can keep my memories, thoughts, and photos in the same place and don't need to give a damn about the likes, or the views or the layout of the feed.  Recently, I've been thinking of closing it because I'm too bored, but when I looked back, nothing in social media forms lasts this long for me.
Facebook: Nah
Flickr: what is that?
Deviantart: what are you talking about?
Behance: is it a website...?
Instagram: hmm, maybe I'd come back
blog: a Magical survivor !




Skirt & scarf : F21

Jacket: Zara

Jacket and sandals: HM
and my lame floral socks. 

God bless my socks!

Blazing bagels.

somewhere in Kirkland, WA

Alki beach

Rila bakery, Edmond WA

good croissant.  

first time trying frappuccinos again after 4 years when they brought back their coconut frapp thing. Verdict: sometimes, the past disappoints you so much. 👎
Smoked salmon pate piroshki from Piroshky Piroshky, Seattle - staple place to try when you visit Seattle

Gross looking poke bowl togo. Won't mention the name because I don't like it that much

I need to throw a photo of my legendary 15 years old cat, my forever love at home. I miss you so much!

Annapurna, Seattle - it's okay, but not worth price.