White summer

  • Lately, I've been thinking what fashion is to each person. Around 4 years ago, fashion in me is you have to wear something that is... hmm How do I put it in words? something in my viewpoint that looked good, I guess. For ex, I have a sister, her style seemed weird to me, like 2 pieces clothing shouldn't be worn together. I didn't like her style, obviously, I didn't tell her that either. If she had known what I had thought about her back then, I'd be dead by now .  The fact that her style becomes her signature look, distinctive from trending, everybody else and that they can recognize her from far away, more importantly, she doesn't give a   what I or everybody think about her style is actually amazing. Back then, I love giving fashion style advice to people,  years and years went on, I learned to understand every girl are their own fashionista, if people ask me my opinion on clothing, I usually tell them my honest thoughts but also tell them, if you love that, get it, it doesn't matter what I think or other people think. This is why I love blogging, I can clearly see how my personalities have been changing and growing into. Honestly, I first created this blog because I wanna share my personal life, travels, cooking, things around me, my photography passion. Suddenly, I caught myself up into fame, the desire of being a wanna-be famous blogger ( wth, I blame you k14 ) then in no time, my blog turned to be a fashion blog. It's pretty lame for me to admit that. The blog turned to the phrase that I called as " private mode", which was the time I didn't write that much, also the time I realized fashion wasn't something I'd like to go into it, to realize a simple thing that I'm just a fashion lover, I'm nowhere to be a fashion blogger. It's just something I have a deep passion ( maybe more passionate) and I want to share that passion on my blog, it's also great to see how my blog is growing from the time " why It was here" in the first place. 
  • I don't think I dress well in the summer. More correctly, I'm lazy to dress up in the summer. I kept wearing the same clothes over until I need to put them in the laundry. I have a bunch of summer clothes piled up, and yet, I choose sporty shorts with an oversized shirt from hb to walk out. Either these 2 pieces of clothing have some sort of magic or only gods know why these clothes make me so much confident, comfortable and happier than ever. But of course, I did have summer days that I (think) dressed nice, glamorously, look good like a fashion superstar shining bright on the sky ( according to my fashion wiki and my extraordinary illusional imagination that doesn't know when to stop) :)))))))))))))))) .
  •  I was thinking, is it better to put all summer compilation in 1 post like I have done with my previous summer post,  as usual, my annual laziness will strike again, which somehow will make me disappear for a couple months till the winter passes by, when "fall and winter compilations post" will come out and the spring is coming back again LOL, but smart me thinks that It is better to divide in small posts like this one, so that I have a bunch of small blog posts  that doesn't make me look a lazy ass in people's eyes.  Well done, Kun,  very well done!!! 
  • I hope in those 2 next weeks, I will have some more small, casual blog posts, bring back cun's corner, finishing an overdue special post . For now, the outfit I wore in those photos under was indeed one of the " glamorous moments" beside shorts and T-shirts. However, there are 2 things wrong with this outfit: 1. it was all white, too white, so much white that a small stain could be a huge disaster, 2. it was a very sunny day...and I didn't wear sunscreen...

Top: fashionbunker
Culottes: F21
Shoes: Zara