Yosemite to Socal

  • As usual opening of my blog, I already forgot most  parts of the trips
  • The drive from San Francisco to Yosemite and from Yosemite to LA was very curvy. In fact, If you are in love with Zig zag drives uphill and downhill, then drive the entrances of Yosemite to test your driving skills. 
  • I guess no matter where you are, like in the middle of nowhere, in a big parking lot, if god wants you to be in an accident, you can't get away with it. Fun note: the driver who hit her car to our bumper left her key in her car and got locked out of her car after the accident happened. All the time we wasted was waiting for fox rent a car to pick up our phone and someone came over to open her car ( for her insurance -_-). Also, the legends are true, DUCK TAPES does fix everything.  
  • We visited Yosemite on one of the worst droughts California has seen. Pretty much All I saw were rocks, huge rocks, a lot of rocks, too much big rocks. 
  • I hate the people when I visit SoCal at first, but strangely now I enjoyed how lively SoCal and Californians are ( I like how free and how creative the style is in Socal, just like New York ). Maybe the typical Seattle weather is too gloomy for me. Throwback to my first time in Socal, it was all about disgustingly hot weather, palm trees everywhere, shallow Hollywood Blvd. Oddly, the second time has changed everything about Socal to me, Palm trees still there, the boring famous " Hollywood Blvd" still there too. The things I didn't expect to come up were all the hidden gems in Socal. They were either the charming " Greek" hill ( we discovered on the way lost to find Hollywood viewpoint) , the joyful Californians, the Sun, Palm trees, food or in short,  just SoCal itself. 
  • Try lobster roll and Baked BBQ chicken potato in Disney Land. Worth every penny. Oh  by the way Disney Land, screw you!  one of the reasons I was willing to spend 100$ for you is your fireworks show and there are 365 days in a year , why you chose the day I go to say " Ladies and Gentle Man, boys and girls, Due to technical difficulties, our fireworks spectacular cannot continue."
  • Korean town in LA is a must if you like Korean food. ( Kang ho dong baek jong, Honeymee...)
  • You can't miss In n Out with their signature animal style fries
  • I love shopping in LA ( don't miss this part while in LA)
  • Grand Central Market is a good stop for some delicious Chautime. We didn't try Eggslut, the most famous vendor in the market, due to the long line and limited time we had but grabbed a quick bite at the LA local tacos joint Guisados was a good alternative breakfast. A pleasurable start to our morning.
  • Despite getting a parking ticket, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach is something special that a girl who grew up in Beach town living in a far away land like me, could come here to reminisce my beautiful memories in DN. It was a sunny day, the water was cold, the beach is far worse compared to Da Nang Beach. I didn't swim, I don't know how to swim, I didn't want to risk my life in this unfamiliar beach, but that was okay because to make up for all the things I just grumbled, the nice long clean sand to lay on  along with the vibrant lively atmosphere in the air and the sea breeze blew through your wavy beach hair were enough reasons to make me fall in love with Santa Monica Pier. 
  • Unfortunately, We didn't make our way to Griffith Observatory to watch LA during twilight, there was an accident and all the ways to there were blocked. Instead, we ended spending our last night in Socal eating In n Out again, drank some bubble teas from the famous Half & Half milk tea, having Jurassic Park time with my hb's long time internet friend, who he hadn't met in person before . ( sometimes, I just don't understand this part of the word wide world) 
  • Last but not least, If you happen to stuck in delaying flight like me, Kimchi quesadilla from Kogi BBQ truck at terminal 4, LAX airport will cool down your angry head ( everytime delays), and hungry stomach while waiting. 

Kang ho dong baek jong - the korean BBQ gem ( sobbing of missing it so much :(( )

first one
another one...

oh, 1 more... :))
Paris Baguette for their croissant donuts

Coco curry

selfie collections

don't ask me why my make up failed so bad :))
FYI, I gave up wearing eyelashes after this trip. :))

Tan Cang seafood ( famous for their lobsters)