Kun's corner: Couch potato

I hope my blog post of my road trip to California would be able to upload tmr ( or my outfit diaries :)), who knows? ) . For now, I'll just continue my Kun corner's series again

Idk if you 're like me, I devote 70% of my spare time just to watch videos :)), the rests divide for chores, reading or sleeping... In contrary to what most people think, I don't spend as much time as I used to on Instagram like how I did over a year ago

I love watching everything, even something considered crap, just for fun, to something serious, deep meaning and jump back to something is purely for entertainment. Youtube is the main source, I kinda think it's bad how I'm addicted to youtube right now :)). So I'm gonna share you some of my recent favorite videos or channel I usually watch.

1. Should I mention Anime first? My favorite kind of anime/manga is slice of life, they're like my medicine when I feel depressed.  Lately, I've been watching Aria- the animation. If you're into manga, you probably know this series. Since I'm too lazy to describe the anime, I'll quote below its plot from wiki
"the series is set in the 24th century on a terraformed Mars, now named Aqua, and follows a young woman named Akari Mizunashi as she trains as an apprentice gondolier (known as Undines). The series has been praised for its calm pacing, optimistic worldview, beautiful art, and, for the anime, the quality of the soundtrack"

I guess it already explains why I list this manga/anime in the first place. Some people might find this manga/anime boring since the plot is somehow slow and aimless. However, I feel really peaceful when read/watch this manga/anime because of the slow meaningful story and beautiful art and personally think this anime/manga is a perfect choice for anybody who wants a heartwarming and relaxing story. Moreover, the whole manga/anime is modeled after Venice, so be sure to get stunned by the beautiful images. ( I would suggest reading manga first since the anime doesn't follow time order)

The other favorite animes would be Barakumon. This is also a relaxing and fun manga/anime to watch/read. The story is about young calligrapher on his way to his " true" style in calligrapher on Goto island, which is far away from Tokyo and more like countryside place, where he finds the real joys in life.  ( you can check the description here: http://myanimelist.net/anime/22789/Barakamon). Not only the art in this anime is beautiful, but you will also learn a lot of old traditions of Japanese :D and pranks to do to your friends Lmao :)).

Last in the list,  Poyopoyo - just a daily life stories of an adopted abnormal shaped cat.

You can find all these animes in http://anilinkz.tv/  and mangas in Kissmanga.com

2.  " the habits of happiness" of Matthieu Ricard is also one of my favorite " mental guide" talks. My mom introduced him to me at first and ever since then, I've been keep reading his books and learning a lot of value things as well as his practices in meditations (besides Brian Weiss, whom I call as my enlightenment mentor :)) )

3. Another favorite video category is career talks. I feel like watching successful people talks of how they started their careers and their difficult venture to successful make me feel motivated to work harder and accept the risks of pursuing my dream.  The recent career talks I watched is about Christina Tosi. I first knew her through master chef and then the famous Momofuku milk bar with " all over Instagram" photos of their soft serve ice cream. She looks pretty intimidating on the show, but once I watched her on youtube videos, she seems a friendly, really cool and hard-working person.  I love how she talks about her passion in creative baking and how life led her to become the founder of Milk Bar.

4.  I honestly don't wear makeup a lot. I swear  the maximum I wear makeup is 2 times per month? ( (I only wear it the day I know that photos of me will be taken :))) ).  However, I do enjoy watching beauty videos. Some of my favorite channels are Katheenlights ( she seems like a funny person and this is probably the only reason why I follow her :))) ), Sydneytoyou ( her face is similar to me :)) ), Vivian Vo Farmer ( at first I like her hair videos, then I follow her mostly she isn't like other mainstream beauty channels. She was pretty chill in all her videos, which makes me feel relax to watch) and some other ones that probably take me forever to list. :))

Travel videos, food videos, vlogs...There are a bunch of them and Idk who I should mention BUT I know if I don't mention Eatyourkimchi - now is Simon and Martina, I don't know why I even make this post. I like them so much and watch their videos almost every day. ( mainly food videos :))

One more channel I'd like to introduce for a family-oriented person is Bubzvlog, you probably know bubzbeauty before this channel. I honestly don't enjoy watching her beauty but her vlogs are way too cute and fun to watch. The videos are just normal daily lives but I never got boring of watching her vlogs and I pretty sure her 900k subscribers would feel the same way. Oh, another video for this category would be Eh bee family, no need to talk about them, hand down the best entertainment family! :))

I guess it's time to go back to my couch, See you very soon ! :)