fall series (3)

Warning: this blog post contains content many find extremely boring

I feel like I had to make this post before it's way too late, or it's actually already late but yeah... whatever :)). Honestly, I didn't intend to post this anymore because I get super bored with these outfits already. I would say Fall and Spring season are the same to me when it comes to outfits and my appearance. They are the times when my skin looks the best, and also the time when my fashion tastes in these two seasons pretty vary and doesn't have a certain style like how I am in this winter or the style depends on my mood like last summer. Also, these outfits below aren't all what I wore during Fall because I had no one to take photos for me ( my life in nutshell). I was also considering doing mirror selfie but life isn't easy at all when your mirror is put in the darkest place in your apt ( by landlord), as well as the mess background behind with "just a little bit dust" on the mirror, WHICH is also a good excuse for my to buy another mirror but that only happened long after 2 months later. So basically, I don't really have a lot of fall photos, the good thing that saves my lonely soul is I do have many winter photos. However, I'm still thankful for all friends who took these photos below for me. Although how bad the photos turned out,  how bad out of focus they are, without you guys, I only have food photos for my blog LMAO. =))))))))))))))))))))

Long shirt and black sweater never go wrong.

For those who are wondering if I wear anything under that shirt: Yes I do, and no, it's not only my underwear.

Cardigan: H&M 
Love this cardigan, though I haven't worn it lately. I should wear it back when Spring comes.

One of my most favorite items in my closet: my beloves split skirt, easy to pair with anything. Sexy and elegant at the same time.

  The below photos are clothing pieces I  really like but never had a chance to buy them. Once I came back after receiving my check or maybe long debates whether should buy them in my mind, they already disappeared far away, and if you know  Forever21, you would know finding clothes in F21 is like a treasure hunt. If you don't buy it now, the chance of coming back finding exact the same piece is like the chance of getting a lightning strike ( I know, I exaggerate a little bit, but you know what I mean :)) ). Why didn't I order online? Because I'm lazy :)). So instead of letting them burden among my mountain of photos, it's better to share with you a little taste of my fashion.