New York - Niagara Fall (1)

 After 2 years postponed this post, I finally managed to write about my trip to East Coast - first part is New York. You can also check my travel tips to East Coast here here. At first, I didn't intend to make this post since it's been long times ago and I'm a lazy ass, why would I make myself more works Lol :))?
However, there is 1 thing that I'm kinda concerning now: Moving to NY. I don't know if this plan will work, Seattle has been my dearest home ever Since I arrived to America. But whenever I think I'm just 21 years old, I need to explore the world, to go around, to find more opportunities, leaving Seattle immediately popped in my mind...

Honestly, I can't remember everything from the trip so I guess my photos will tell you my story instead. To sum up my story in NY, we arrived around late noon and instead of choosing subway, I decided to take taxi to our hotel. Not much to say except how our driver back hit to rear end of a car and only one thing could cross my mind at that moment: " Damn it, damn it, damn it". If you read my East Coast post before, you might know I got scam online thanks to my stupidness. I almost cancelled the trip but my mom insisted on keeping our plans, saying this was a good lesson for me. Anyway, luckily, that was a minor crash and the car driver let us go without having more troubles, maybe because he seemed busy. Talking about busy, this applies to everyone in NY, everyone were in rush, always carried some bustling atmospheres. New York appeared to me was so... I don't know how to describe it, possibly an old - modern - aesthetic city. It just looked huge with so many big buildings but at the same time, There were so many old buildings/apartments.

       After arriving to our hotel, we took the train to go to China town- the only area that I can think of finding food. We bought some delicious dumplings in random restaurants, walking around china town and Italian town which is close nearby. I didn't research "must try food" for this trip, which is my tradition travel things to do since my mom isn't foodie person so yeah, I guess that's all for our day. Oh, one last thing, the traffic in Ny was ridiculous, people didn't give a sh*t to traffic rules, like seriously, there was a huge road w  pedestrian crossing red light and people still crossed normally. It was also the same with cars, especially taxis. Chaotic!

        We lived somewhere close to Flushing ave, and the train stations there were pretty cool, in an artistic way. One again, I couldn't exactly what we did for the next day, I guess we just strolled around down town NY

        New York times square.

Since I bought city passes, which had an option to choose between cruising to the island which has statue of liberty or cruising around NY city, which also passed by the statue. We chose the second one - huge mistakes. The cruise took like 2 hours, It was cool at first when you saw Ny closely: huge building, the liberty statue, old churches, old factories, famous spectacular bridges ( I love NY bridges). However,  it got super boring at the end and wasted a lot of times honestly. To go there, we followed groups of tourists from trains to buses, got lost and also arrived together as there wasn't any direct train to the harbor except bus and all of us got pretty confused which bus to take :)) ( mind you, google maps worked like sh*t at the time as well as my phone). 

             Jewish man - our taxi to hotel passed by an area, where all the men had big beards, wearing black suits and carried either suitcases or bibles ( i guess) and little girls had braided hairstyles, which at first I didn't know who they were, nor the knowledge of Jewish community in America. This is because in Seattle ( California, Boston and also Dc), you hardly see jewish people outside, or you do but they don't wear something like how Jewish people living in NY do. It was really exciting to see them outside street, and their community, I did a little research about them and even told my mom to visit their area with me, which I never made it, but I attempted to take photos of them whenever I saw them, which usually happened on the trains and because of my shyness and crowded people on the trains, I never had appropriate photos of them, the photo below is for example.

Niagara fall wasn't in my plan until our second day in Ny, my mom suggested to go there since we would have " some times in NY, Why didn't we try to go somewhere else? So I started searching something near NY and Niagara falls came up to us like that. I bought a tour in a google suggested website, I can't remember the name though. It runs by Chinese people and was pretty good 1 night tour with decent price, included breakfast, hotel and car for around 100/person, which again I don't remember exactly the price but I know it's cheap if you travel alone and don't have car. On the way to visit the falls, We stopped at " Thousand Islands region (American side), an international tourism destination that encompasses communities on both sides of the U.S.-Canada seaway. The region takes its name from the more than 1,000 islands that dot the lakes and rivers along this international waterway". They performed us how they used gun during battles. It turned out to be pretty interesting since I got some history lessons. 

         When we arrived to Niagara falls, after sightseeing the falls, I didn't expect we would board on a boat to approach near the falls. They gave us ponchos and I was like: " Well, why the hell we have to wear it" but I was so wrong. Once our boat came closer to horseshoes Falls, measuring 188 feet high - which is the biggest fall in Niagara falls. Hence, Approaching to the fall was such an amazing and scary experience to me. The more you approached near the fall, the more you heard such scary sounds like a tiger was roaring, the more you realized there would be a chance that the boat would get sucked into that heavy falling water, and the more you would take a natural bath.  Yes all people on the boat got wet, extremely wet because of the heavy mist.
For those who don't know, Niagara falls are a series of 3 falls and the biggest one named Horseshoes Fall, which is located on America side. Thus, If you want a better view of the falls plus a bunchs of casinos, then  come to Canada side ( unless you don't have an US passport or Canada visa).