Vancouver photo diary


Our rental car

somebody was so hungry after long day stomachache. ( i got vnmese sandwich and =)) coffee already, this guy got a slightly food poison from curry i made night before i went to Vancouver)

We started our trip  around noon, heading to the north Seattle and seeing my " sandwich brand" everywhere ( just kidding, as you know my real name is Trang =)). Landscape scenes in North Seattle are much more beautiful compare to the South, more trees,more grass fields, more mountains. 

We arrived late afternoon and were so hungry. After listening to our hotel receptionist, we headed to Davie Street, which has a lot kinds of food but then we got lost to this beautiful place. At first, i was really mad on my bf for making us lost but turned out we got lost to prospect viewpoint, which is a perfect place to see Lion Gate Bridge at night. Wooohoo! thanks to my =)) bf 

took a quick round to Robson street

My starving face

cute little Japanese supermarket, where i found out a tea bottle that my bf really likes when we went to Japan. He even kept the empty bottle but forgot in Viet Nam so i gotta bring it to him from VN, ended up this supermarket got these bottles here. Man!

Wandering coffee shops around and finally we ate at a random korean restaurant. If i remember correctly, the restaurant is named Red chicken. Their service was totally bad but hand down for their fried chickens, it was really crunchy and yummy.

More Robson street.

We got lost again when we were looking for bubble tea place. And again, ended up on a hill neighborhood with super beautiful Vancouver night view. 

=)) that grumpy face

First stop in the morning was Lynn Canyon suspension Bridge. It was really nice day, even on the radio that said lucky for who went to Mountain on that day since there was a little bit snow on top and sunny day.

This man claimed we had to pay to across the bridge, i told him let's take a look, i didn't think so. finally, I was right at always. 

Really impressive how huge homeless community is here. 

China town.

At first when i saw this sight, i thought it was sightseeing LOL and was like: " honey honey, we gotta go see those bears" ( stupid me until my bf explained for me) =)).

we LOST again =)) and again ended up on a really nice hill to see view of the city and all the mountain.

Downtown 2

and downtown 3

rainbow crosswalk. Hehe

Davie st got so many kinds of food. Wish i could move my house to near here to eat all day 

We stopped one of famous places for poutine.

and it was so good that we came back later on that night to buy one more

more pastries.

Davie St

private photographer =))

After poutine, we drove to Granville island but unluckily, there was no parking so we just drove around and came back to Stanley Park.

made me remember San Francisco and Boston. When we drove to Stanley park, we passed to convention center, it was really beautiful since we could see all opposite city side and river covered by twilight. 

American Indian totem poles.We didn't have a lot of photos in Stanley park, mostly i filmed it and you can check my vlogs on my previous post.


Chose to eat at one of famous Vnamese/cambodian restaurant and our experience was so so bad, the food here was so worse than in Seattle restaurants.

The bo luc lac was so bad, WARNING: it is not real Bo luc lac, it was supposed to be small cube beefs not these slice ones. Wanna try real one, just go to Seattle, search for Pnom Penh restaurant ( and ironically, this restaurant has the same name too) and you will be blowed away. 

For chicken wings, nah, Red chicken is better. But for the same kind of cooking, Hue kiem my gia in Seattle is the best for their fried butter garlic chicken wings ( i swear i'm a real foodie and the chicken wings from this restaurant disappointed me a lot)

Gastown at night

The food we tried at the Pnom Penh here was so bad so we decided to eat something else,we came back to the poutine place, got another one, tried sashimi here as recommended by my bf's friend. Man, it was the same fresh taste that we tried in Japan. So fresh and melted in your mouth. 

we gotta returned the car rental around 10 am so we left Vancouver pretty early when everything was still dark but i like it a lot when we saw breaking dawn, it was like a magical road trip for me. 

Bye Vancouver.