East Coast (1)

You can easily find many itineraries as well as guides to travel to East Coast on the internet so this post basically is my personal tips from my trip to EC.
+ BE CAREFUL IF YOU FIND PLACES TO STAY ON CRAIGLIST:  At first, i got scams on Craiglist for places to live in Boston and DC. At the time, i was really horrified since it was near our departing day. But luckily, there were still rooms in Ny and DC that was suitable to our stay times with acceptable price. So my tip is it's better if you book a combination of flight ticket and hotel ( on Priceline for ex), since you likely get a better offer for ticket price as well as hotel's location/price.

+ SEARCH CAREFULLY MAKE GOOD PLAN BEFORE YOU GO: after so many travels, i'm still that dumb. Sighzzz.  Well, here is the reason: NY-NIAGARA FALLS -Boston- NY-DC. Instead of flying to Boston first, we flied to Ny first, then Niagara falls popped up into my mind so i bought a tour . I highly recommend you should buy tour if you want to go Niagara falls from NY because it's much more cheaper. It saves a lot of money for hotel booking and transportation, beside you can make friends by chance ( i made a friendly one :) ), it's open tour so you can decide what to go and what not to go. Anyway, back to the topic, just looking at my schedule you can see it's so not logic. Here is my excuses: I wasn't careful on the trip, i didn't google properly LOL, classes was killing me during the time and Boston is something out of our expected destination too, we decided to go there at very last minutes, Blah blah and blah... we wasted our times, money but good thing is that i got a painful lesson
 My recommendation for traveling to East coast mostly depends on where you depart/leave, and destinations you want to travel to. To me,  if you live in Washington state, you should fly to Boston then Niagara falls - NY - DC ( or Philadelphia  and DC after). So get you a map, circle your highlight places to travel, and decide where is the best place to arrive and to leave.
+ Public transportation is your friend.  Instead of buses like Washington,  Cities in East Coast use underground train (MRT), sometimes it's bus but MRT most the time. Funny things are each state they have different way to buy tickets. I like NY and Boston since the ticket isn't expensive and it's easy to buy one compared to DC, beside the normal ticket fee, you still have to pay something call FEE TO GET OUT, and the ticket machine is as huge and complicated as F*** ( In Boston and DC i think they have one day pass ticket, i'm pretty sure for Boston but i don't really remember in DC, just go there and see they have it, Highly recommend if you travel all day). Now good thing is that my boyfriend lives there so i don't need to see that machine and pay for that ridiculous MRT price anymore.One additional thing is to travel between states in East Coast, intercity/state bus like Boltbus, Greyhound will save you a lot of money instead of traveling by train or plane ( except you have a car :D )
+ Make friends and don't hesitate to ask: you will get more information then you expect
+  Tourists: Yup,  they' re the one of the best guides you can have on the road, what i mean is that there are some travel places that everyone must go when they travel to a city/state. If you pay attention, tourists flock to the places like ants since they follow the same direction of public transportation/route.It means you don't need to be afraid you will miss bus stop or get lost, because at least there is a flock of tourists get lost like you ( it happened to me in Ny and San francisco)

+ MAP:  either you have your google map or any technology stuffs that show you ways,real map is still needed ( I meant THE PAPER ONE). Believe me!

+ Citypass: I bought these for attractions in NY. it isn't really necessary, you still have to get in line to switch these passes into real tickets. I remember there are probably 2 places in this pass that you don't need to get in line. But as it claims on the website, you save 41% compared to combine regular box office prices. I didn't use all the passes because of our budget time and most of them are museums ( don't get me wrong,i like museums, but just too much, i need to see other attractions). So here is the link http://www.citypass.com/new-york , take a look and decide is it needed for your travel.

I found a great guide  in Vietnamese for traveling to East Coast http://hailevu.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/kinh-nghiem-di-du-lich-vung-east-coast/
( sorry , there is no english one :( )

So these are all my tips. I will write more details this trip in up coming posts. Hopefully, i wont procrastinate it Again, TEEHEE!