Crap thoughts

  I can't even realize how time flies so fast. It's already almost 6 months since i came back to Seattle. At the time, i still remember how cold it was, how i missed my home, how i felt hopeless to find somewhere to live, but Everything has settled well  at the end.
To be honest, i'm not into fashion like last year. Mostly because i don't have a lot of money and rent fee is f***ing stealer. My style becomes more simple with every passing day. Somehow this makes me think that i don't have taste in fashion, although i always love it. I remember when i was in secondary and high school, my obsession goes to shorts and black color, so that my chemistry teacher didn't even bother remembering my name, she called me something like : " girl always wears shorts" Lol. I guess my sense of fashion had improved when i came to Seattle, i felt like i was in dream clothing world. Especially,in winter, i love  stylist in winter, the feelings when i layer each piece and try to figure out how it will be after mixing, even though the coldness was a truly demon.
I think it's enough crap talking, some photos of my last weeks :)

I'm quite interested in pencil skirt recently
I had bought this dress for such a long time but never had a chance to wear it since It's always too cold in Seattle :(
My brother visited me last week before going back to VN. He looks alike me 97%, most people say we like twins despite of he is older than me 4 years old.
Yup, Starbucks every week

Had a nice sushi time with my friend in beautiful day.

Goodbye , my stupid brother. You will be missed!

In love with coffee

...and also pastries

Coffee night time! Taken by my friend :X

Little cutie and his mama :)