Seattle ( 10)

     Summer quarter sucks - I gotta admit it. There were too much projects,too much hard works, too much things to worry. But just 2 more weeks,  and then i'm gonna meet my lovers : Hollywood, Golden Gate, Las Vegas plz be patient. I will be there soon :X

Somewhere in Pioneer Square area. I love this area a lot, it looks really old as if i was standing on The Europe land or somewhere in New York city

Hana restaurant, one of the best Sushi bars i have been. Japanese style, beautiful decoration, good chef, nice waitresses and perfect sushi

And here we go, my sushi
Another great day with this girl. We have same interesting in photography, same  body shape, same age, same hobby in making obscene stories Lol and we match with each other incredibly

Now her turn. 

Tried pretend like a model and realized it was really really hard to become so natural in front of the camera. I guess i better stay behind the camera .
Nice snap of me by my girl.

Our hang out day can't call a " hang out day" without frozen yogurt. Damn, why this is so freaking yummy.


  1. Your outfit is really cute, may I ask where the shoes are from?

  2. They are from Urban outfitters :) . Thank you !

  3. @@ e gay` di nhieu c nhan k ra. cach trang diem cung thay doi. tum lai la dep qua dooooo :xxxxx


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