Monday, September 21, 2015

Quick talk 1


  My New York diaries ( East coast) was supposed to be posted tonight. However, once again, I couldn't keep up with the deadline since there are so many photos to select, edit,  and most important is that I need to remember stories related to it. I promised in 2 days, I will be able post it... Hopefully.

...I truly love blogging, sometimes I told myself It sucked that I wasn't into blogging these last 2 years. The reason behind that I blamed on is School, yeah, I know, typical classic reason. Well, honestly, I guess mostly because I'm not as creative as I was back then, in one word -  Laziness. Sadly but truly, I became lazy and lazier day by day,  as well as my writing skill. I always have something in my mind to write down, in contrast to my mind, my hands don't seem to like it at all. Putting it down into words is completely different thing, it's not like: " Oh you know what, I have an idea, let's blog". I need to sit down, then try to remember my stories, then write them down and suddenly my flow of thoughts suddenly disappeared, and that's it - the end of my blog. It kept happening again and again, somehow I feel like I get some sort of ADHD - attention focus disorder LOL.

bonus my stupid selfie video when I had nothing to do while my mom was practicing english w the bf
Anyway, I just watched julie&julia.   This is my third time watching it and  I never get bored of re-watching again.  I like every set-ups of this movie, how they run both the lives of Julie & Julia at the same time, even though in a different haft century spacetime, they share both the love of food ( maybe because this is why i like watching it, always about food), they have supported husbands, difficulties of their lives and how they overcame it. Finally, because of how Julie looks like me in a lot of ways. Julie works in a boring office job and somehow I also work in a job that I -kind-of-like, she writes blog because of she needs something to do beside her job, something's related to her ambition, neither more nor less, I need to write, because I love blogging, to be me, to have my own space where I can share my passions, my diaries, my short goofy stories, which only me keep praising how good they are, but somehow still expect there will be somebody outside there, that will spend their value budget time to read our blogs. Beside all of the reasons above, all the actors and actresses has played their roles perfectly, plus the beautiful scenes of Paris and Julia's kitchen. This is a sweet joyful, delicious and delightful movie that will bring smile to you with every its frame, let's watch it and tell me what you think about the movie.

Have a good night and I'll see you soon!

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