Thursday, December 9, 2010

             I haven't written blog for month, that's a long time. I miss it so much. This month is an important month . I have to do my last exam on school so my time on internet is BIG ZERO. Luckily, my mom has gone to HCM so i have time for my blog, photos. Hehe
            When i have a time on internet, I usually read photos blog. I don't like reading English blog ( i know that is the best way for me to raise my english skill ) but Photos blog or blog of people who i like , yeah, i can read and spend thousand time to translate it althought it is written in english. I have a folder that contain my favorite bloggers , i love blog so much.
            I like creating target and trying to make it become true.That is the only way makes me think " time is useful". This is my target before i'm 20 years old
             _ Better in english ( i'm not gifted in english and i'm a lazy people so this is the hardest thing in my target list . Hahaha)
             _ Better in Photos
             _ Making money by myself
             _ Travelling eroupe
             _Buying canon 5D mark II ( by my money)
             _ Giving money back to my parent (i've borrowed so much money from them ( minolta, canon, and pentax -_-' ) )

           And of course some of my photos this week

Neighbor's cat

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