Thursday, April 20, 2017

Same coat//ootd

Another week, I'm sitting here writing down how I'm crossing from nonchalant to extreme laziness. This time I'm proud to say that I've completed all the photos from the road trip, but not the words. Ughhhhhh, why don't I have the brain of Dan Brown.  The thing is, I felt so passionate at the moment when I was on the trip, words just kept coming're having a bad night of diarrhea 😂. I still remembered I  was so emotional, took down my notes, writing down all of my feelings and always, always while in my emotional world, I'd get cut off to do something else, never able to finish, and now sitting here, not being able to remember where the hell I put my notes, on my phones? Nope, on my lap? nope, on my so's phone? not at all, Ughhh, it pisses me off so much because that moment and this moment are entirely different times: Surrounded by majestic scenes of nature v.s laying lazy on your bed. Not the same feelings, as the memories have been faded, how many times I have gone through this and how many times I haven't learned my lesson yet, aaaaaaaaaa, I wish someday in the future, people would invest a brain transmitting word machine ( or maybe they already did),  they should feel lucky that I would be their very first customer out there :))  . That being said, I told myself last week, if I don't sit down this weekend, finish my blog, I won't let myself have a bowl of ramen. I ended up having Korean food the last weekend...

So this week, I swear if I don't finish the road trip for the sake of god, I won't have ... ramen ...this weekend again.

Haul of the week

I should have mentioned what my favorite item of the current/FOTM or what I'm wearing or gonna wear,  because as usual, when my postpone habit strikes, by the time I post my ootd, the clothing is most likely sold out.  I don't know if anyone out there even cares about my outfits at this point :)))), but hey, I don't want to be a person: " look at me, I share with you my outfit, title my post as ootd, show off my clothes and for sure keep where I bought my clothes secretly".  This time, I'll try to update my haul as soon as possible.  It will be really hard, very hard for me but I will give it a shot :)) or you know what, I should catch up my blog with what I have been wearing currently, not what I wore last season, or last month... or last year... :).

I have been eyeing those pastel color shoes for a while but haven't really met the right one yet until I found this one . I normally don't buy H&M and forever21 shoes. Their shoes either run too big or leave you bleeding and blistering at the end of the day. Though this dusty pink sandal is surprisingly comfortable, runs true to the size ( that's very strange for forever21 to have good shoes), and doesn't make you walk awkwardly like you are wearing needle shoes ( if that makes sense).  I actually wanted to buy the blue one since It would go better with jeans for spring and summer, but being exposed too much to all the blue pastel color/shoes on Instagram, I decided pink would be my choice and hopefully, I can make it work at some point:)).




Zacket: Zara
Shoes; Boohoo
Sweater: Hm
no brand shoes
Thrift store jeans

H&M scarf
Shoes: Vagabond
Coat: Hm

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