Sunday, March 5, 2017


Why did you stop by Chicago?
" Deep dish pizza"
" Deep dish pizza"
is there anything else
" I told you it's their freaking DEEP DISH PIZZA"
The end!

My only day in Chicago:
  • You gotta get Deep dish pizza: No excuse, get yourself a true classic deep dish pizza and go for a messy delicious hot dog.  We chose to go the " everybody knows" deep dish pizza from Lou's Malnati as we only had 1 day and we didn't want to go wrong with our choices,  I'll definitely try some other places if I ever come back to Chicago. Here is the link for you folks out there that want to do research on Deep dish pizza: Reddit deep dish pizza guide
  • Millenium Park: park with a reflective "bean" sculpture aka " cloud gate" for tourist photos 
  • Skipped Sky desk Chicago, we went straight for Architecture river tour. It was pretty interesting as well as a little bit boring ( I don't like history), but you will learn so many things about Chicago, the prices, and history of the buildings on the Chicago riverside. On top of that, the twilight set on Chicago river is pretty worth your money.
  • Garrett popcorn: honestly, I don't like it, still prefer the small popcorn stall in front of my local Walmart.
  • Walking around downtown/magnificent mile and the river, other towns in the city ( China town, Ukrainian, Pilsen)
  • We also had a HUGE Giant Pho in a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown - the only place opened late at night. 
Of course, there are a lot of things we missed out, This is all the best we could go with our budget time and Chicago's " LOVELY" traffic.
Some Chicago's facts:
  • Windy city: besides the weather factor, the nickname originated from their full- of- hot-air politicians
  • Great Chicago fire: started from a cow. Other theories saying because of meteor or UFO, the mystery still remains unsolved :)). 
  • The interesting Chicago's water river color is a mix of the lake rivers algae and the clay on the bottom. They also dye it green on st. Patrick's Day
  • Chicago indeed to me has the MOST HORRIBLE DRIVERS in the US by now. No law, senseless drivers, even New York drivers are way better :)). 

Conclusion: No I don't miss this city at all, but for sure I'll miss the yummy cornmeal crust cheesy deep dish pizza, oh and their deep dish cookie too. 

 on the other sides: 
  • Please if you do have time and are on a road trip like me, and also love taking photos, please stop by places in Indiana and Ohio,  they looked so beautiful: Waterbury, Hartford, Angola, Northwest & Middlebury. 
  • Cleveland: very interesting city. The roads are big, the buildings are huge but there weren't a lot of people, almost like a ghost city.  The city gave me the vibe of an old, peaceful and gloomy city ( The vibe like I would come here when I retire 😌), Maybe because it was Saturday, but still Cleveland by far has the most delicious corned beef sandwich ( From SLYMAN'S) I ever ate, the sandwich on rye bread with swiss cheese on top, was stuffed with a wall of meat nearly as big as my face, I swear even if you hate corned beef sandwich, this place will change your mind ( many said that this place is on par with the famous Katz's in NYC).   I still remembered it was our random choice since we both were really hungry and wanted to try some other things that you know, are famous in Cleveland, so this place was 5' driving from where we were at the time, It closed at 3 pm, and it was 2:30 pm at the time, we didn't search in advance, just searched yelp for anything with high rated and many reviews nearby us, when this place came up, we took a look and yep, this was the place. As I am writing this,  I just found out Slyman's is one of the best 33 sandwich shops in America according to Thrillist 😆 . Link:  Slyman's restaurant

Best corned beef sandwich

do me the favor, if you go Lou's, please order yourself a deep dish cookie, they are even better than their pizzas.

 apparently, this house is worth more than $2 millions ( Henry Weese house)

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