Tuesday, January 31, 2017


  • Boston wasn't really on my stop list. But my closest sister who goes school in Rhode island, happened to live in Boston at the time so yeah, that's how I met Boston, Again. 
  • None of my companions aka my SO and my sister really cared about traveling. Their philosophy is literally: " I go wherever you wanna go" 😕 
  • I just wanted to have a good leisure time enjoying Boston, recalling travel memories since I haven't been here for idk, 3 years? I guess, but I literally became their private tourist guide. The funny thing was that Boston turns out to be smaller than what I remembered, I somehow magically still remembered places/ directions in Downton BOSTON. HAH, good job brain! 😳. .. except we only spent like an hour in downtown Boston, when their philosophy couldn't be faster to jump to: " we're bored, let's go to other interesting places". We ended up go to Beacon hill - no parking, Harvast area - still no parking, well, what are we gonna do?
  • Thanks to c Zi Nguyen ( check our her blog/portfolio, she has an amazing blog with beautiful photos), I knew Rockport existed,  thanks to that, I can find a place to drag these 2 lazy asses to.
  • Rockport is located on the northern tip of Cape Ann, Peninsula, about an hour drive away from Boston. It is indeed a beautiful seaside village for us to escape from all the headache, tiredness from traffic in bustling cities at this point of our trip. All the houses are decorated colorfully and in harmony to each other, plus with the beautiful scenes of the sea, I can go on and go on. But if I'm honest right here, I gotta say I couldn't remember a lot 😂. The thing here is, I'm not a muti-task person, I can only focus on 1 thing at a time, try to do 2 things? that's how a plane crashes. That being said, all my time there was devoted to talking to these two, and absolutely no time for my alone time in enjoying the beauty of the town. So,  all I can recommend is, if you wanna avoid the city sounds and living near Boston ( or just so tired of visiting Boston), yes, this is the getaway trip you need and yes, eat the hell out of lobsters (Only until we came back to Boston, I learnt that Rockport lobster is cheaper than anywhere else in Boston, don't be like me)
  • I met up with another sister and we have a blast of lobsters at The barking crabLove the place, gives me the Germany-ish atmosphere, very lively, also their stuffed lobster ( not on the menu) is a bomb. 
  • Finally, despite my complaints to these 2 lazy ass people, they're still one of the best companions and friends for life, having memories with them in the new place was the best I could ask for in this trip.

My sister from another mister 

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