January 31, 2017


  • Boston wasn't really on my stop list. But my closest sister who goes school in Rhode island, happened to live in Boston at the time so yeah, that's how I met Boston, Again. 
  • None of my companions aka my SO and my sister really cared about traveling. Their philosophy is literally: " I go wherever you wanna go" 😕 
  • I just wanted to have a good leisure time enjoying Boston, recalling travel memories since I haven't been here for idk, 3 years? I guess, but I literally became their private tourist guide. The funny thing was that Boston turns out to be smaller than what I remembered, I somehow magically still remembered places/ directions in Downton BOSTON. HAH, good job brain! 😳. .. except we only spent like an hour in downtown Boston, when their philosophy couldn't be faster to jump to: " we're bored, let's go to other interesting places". We ended up go to Beacon hill - no parking, Harvast area - still no parking, well, what are we gonna do?
  • Thanks to c Zi Nguyen ( check our her blog/portfolio, she has an amazing blog with beautiful photos), I knew Rockport existed,  thanks to that, I can find a place to drag these 2 lazy asses to.
  • Rockport is located on the northern tip of Cape Ann, Peninsula, about an hour drive away from Boston. It is indeed a beautiful seaside village for us to escape from all the headache, tiredness from traffic in bustling cities at this point of our trip. All the houses are decorated colorfully and in harmony to each other, plus with the beautiful scenes of the sea, I can go on and go on. But if I'm honest right here, I gotta say I couldn't remember a lot 😂. The thing here is, I'm not a muti-task person, I can only focus on 1 thing at a time, try to do 2 things? that's how a plane crashes. That being said, all my time there was devoted to talking to these two, and absolutely no time for my alone time in enjoying the beauty of the town. So,  all I can recommend is, if you wanna avoid the city sounds and living near Boston ( or just so tired of visiting Boston), yes, this is the getaway trip you need and yes, eat the hell out of lobsters (Only until we came back to Boston, I learnt that Rockport lobster is cheaper than anywhere else in Boston, don't be like me)
  • I met up with another sister and we have a blast of lobsters at The barking crabLove the place, gives me the Germany-ish atmosphere, very lively, also their stuffed lobster ( not on the menu) is a bomb. 
  • Finally, despite my complaints to these 2 lazy ass people, they're still one of the best companions and friends for life, having memories with them in the new place was the best I could ask for in this trip.

My sister from another mister 

January 18, 2017

Kun's corner: Skincare and Makeup tips from a friend

    Updated 01/19: I realized nobody could see the links I put under the name of products due to the font color, so here you go!

This idea post has been conceived for so long to the point that I feel like I wouldn't be able to give birth to it. And now, finally, this moment ( crying in the darkness)... I'll  give up this idea 😂

                   Just kidding...

      I've planned to write about my skincare- makeup routine for the longest time already but as the times went by, I realized I wanted to write something really useful, not just my skin, something that not only  people with same skin type of mine but also ones, who have different skin types still will be able to get some useful information.  For that reason, I decided instead of just writing about my skincare routine makeup, I will feature my friends, whom I know long enough, have different skin types than mine, absolutely makeup-skincare addicted, and that we are comfortable with each other to sit down and share out secret tips ( more exactly, The internet tips LOL)

The one that I knew instantly I want her to be the first ever face for this topic when this idea came up my friend - Thu Le (@callmeraycho). She has been my friend years since I first came to America. Since Then, I've seen what she had gone through with her skin as well as countless conversations between us about cosmetics, numerous trips to Sephora, Japanese cosmetics store and money that ( very sadly) we threw out of our windows to try products are enough to prove  you that how much I trust her knowledge and experiences to be the one opening this topic. More importantly, she has ( what I believe) is the most common skin type, she also experienced a horrible acne time and overcame it like a boss :)), which makes me believe no one, other than her to be the main star for this grand opening.

She was kind enough to accept my interview, otherwise, I had to throw my shit bags into her apartment sneakily at night for daring to deny me. Oh, yes, she lives 4 blocks away from me so that could happen for real, who knows? Lol ( and If you read this post, Thu, check out your window ;) )

do you have any healthy diet tips?

 I myself usually buy prenatal vitamins/ raw organic ones from Amazon or Iherb.com, I take a pill every day. I also have collagen and protein powder for the days that I don't eat breakfast. On those days,  I'd just eat Banana and then get myself protein powder drinks, sometimes I'd put chia seeds and green tea powder to give it tea flavor and add more tea in my diet.

Is that all your healthy diets?

Yes, that's basically all my healthy diet tips but besides that, I also eat a lot of fruits, veggies, as well as drinking a lot of water every day.

So tell me a little bit your skin history?

I've been having acnes since 5th grade and then on and off, different acne treatments. Right now, I don't have any serious or big acnes, just a little breakout once in a while from stress and stuff. But before I have really severe acnes, and it's hard for me to find acne treatment products that fit my skin.
 My skin is oily acne- prone, very easy to have clogged pores, so my recommendation for people who have skin like me to prevent blackheads or future pimples/acnes is using clay mask from any brands that suit you, maybe 2-3 times a week. For my daytime everyday skin care, I use Neutrogena oil-free acne wash pink grapefruit foam scrub to wash my face, I actually have 4 different types of cleanser but this is my favorite one, then I come straight to moisturizer from Korres.  Finally, never forget to put on my sunscreen, I use sunscreen from a Korean brand named Missha, it's a chemical sunscreen, although sometimes if I go swimming, I would switch to physical sunscreen.  Before that, I used La Roche Posay but I just wanna try something new, so I tried the Misa one, and It turned out pretty good, not only didn't break me out but also I felt like it actually even helped smooth my skin. Once in a while, If I feel my face a little bit dirty and sticky, I'd use makeup remover Banila clean it zero instead. I've also been using rice Bran which you recommend me sometimes ago too  ( → gotta put cunbeo mark on this one :))) )
( I forgot to ask her what is her sunscreen but I assume it is the All around safe block sunscreen, I will update later when she is back from her vacation)
At night
A night, my first step is always using the same makeup remover, cleanser, sometimes I'd add clay mask cleanser to my night routine. then I apply first layer Pixi toner, second step is vitamin serums, for this one I can't recommend you any specific one since I have been constantly trying the new ones, though I usually buy the best seller ones from Amazon, price usually ranges from 15-20$, just buy the one that is really liquidy and in a dark glass bottle. After the serums, I put on a layer of turmeric oil from India to brighten my face and lighten my dark spots, next I do spot/acne treatment with turmeric cream. The last step, I use coconut oil on my under eyes,  on my lips and eyelashes, oh but don't put it anywhere else, otherwise, it's gonna grow facial hair. One more thing about skincare for acne is cleansing your face regularly with anything like a clay mask, rice bran. I also exfoliate my skin with chemical peels.
Back to when I was fighting my acnes, to control hormone problem, I try to minimize sugar, dairy products, also oily food and carbs, those will make your skin more inflamed, which leads to your skin breaking out. I clean my face with clay mask regularly to remove the dust in the pores, otherwise, the dust will build up and the skin will start breaking out. If my face gets sweaty, I pat it with napkin or tissue, don't leave your face sweaty or wet. One thing people usually mistake when having acnes is trying to use all acne products, which is not true. The more acne products you use, the more you drying your skin,  at the end you end up breaking out more. Before I didn't know that, so I kept using acne products and made my skin so tight, and usually when you feel that tightness, that means your skin is needing water and hydration. You should only stick to 1 to 2 acne treatment products. Especially, when it comes to spot treatment, I'd recommend only use 1 product, mine is acid salicylic and go with a normal moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated, don't use an acne moisturizer because it will dry out your skin more.  When your skin is too dry, it will also cause breakouts. Finally, Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress, drinking a lot of water are the best way to prevent your acnes,

I don't use foundation unless it's a special occasion. For everyday makeup,  I start with putting concealer that is 2 shades lighter than my face skin under my eyes to cover my dark circles and to make my eyes popped out. After that, I do my eyebrow, It's an unknown name eyebrow powder brand, I just use an angle brush to put on my eyebrows powder, and with the same eyebrows powder and brush to contour my nose.  I have two favorite blushes that I use every day, they are Cha cha tint  in coral from Benefit cosmetics and Nars blush palette from Sephora holiday collection 2016 (discontinued), both of them don't break out my skin, which is why I like them a lot. Mac blush is also a good choice too.
Lipsticks have always been my favorite beauty products, I've used so many different lipsticks, thanks to that, now I have a pretty good trick for my lip routine. Currently, a Lip balm that has color in it is my choice. I apply 2 lipstick layers on my lip, first is the one with color in it, Currently, I'm using tinted lip balms from Pixi and cover girl, the second layer is Neutrogena cooling gel that makes it a little bit moist. I sometimes contour my face using Etude House Play 101 Duo Contour Stick, that is one side with a contour and the other side with highlight,  just to give my face smaller and more definition.
The final touch would be my eyeliners. As I mentioned above, my skin is oily, looking for the eyeliners that don't smudge is really hard. Luckily I found the one for people with oily skin, it's the one made from Fiber so when it smears, It doesn't smear at all, it just comes off as little pieces, the one I'm using now is Eyeliner from Sephora. I rarely put on mascara, it always makes my eyelashes feel heavy, I  rather put on serum for my lashes then having mascara on.

The last summer, I was into tanning skin but it didn't look that nice 😂 . Though if you intend to tan your skin,  don't forget to put on sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, or you can use lotion with SPF in it so you can also moisturize skin while protecting it, and especially if I stay under the sun for a long time, I will reapply sunscreen/lotion every 2-3 hours. I've also tried several tanning products, I guess Caribbean solutions colors natural self tanner is my favorite so far. But to be honest, no tanning product would give you a natural look, the more you do and especially, if you have light /bright skin, it will give you a really yellow-ish and orange look. If you want to look natural, give yourself a natural tan from the sun underneath,  and then use the tanning product to add more tan so it would look darker, making the beautiful tan, not the orange and yellow look. I also exfoliate my skin really well when I do fake tan to keep the tan longer at least for 3-4 days.

I have bleached my hair before, that's why I always use a deep conditioner for my hair, I also use Garnier hair oil to keep my hair from dryness.

The interview was conducted around Sep/2016, there are little changes in her skinscare/makeup routine, so here are the updated changes. 

Updated products on January/2017
Freeman Claymask 
Olay moisturizer
Neutrogena Toner

( is told, edited and photographed by Kunbeo)