July 31, 2016

San Francisco // 2015

 ( Some time has passed since this post has been written)

When I'm writing this post, the wind outside my apt is probably blowing all the cables around my area. There is no year like this year when I feel like I'm back in my home city except the coldness. The wind is freaking strong and  the rain amount has set its highest record since late 1800, which also means that I'm laying on the bed coughing while my nose could not stop running and dreaming of my beautiful warm Summer in California.

We chose California because my internship hadn't finished yet at the time and California is pretty close to Seattle, Plus my Bf hadn't been to California so that's pretty much why California came up as an ideal trip for our summer vacation . To be honest, the real the reason behind it was obviously because of the FOOD ( duh, California is like a HEAVEN of food, you expect me to go there just because of my bf hasn't been there yet, or just because of some kind of attractions, beach and sunshine, then hell yeah no way I would go there :)) ) and that pretty much sums up what I've done all trip, oh and sleeps too.


I have to thank my bf , who has driven me constantly while I was chilling, sleeping and also played as Dj in the car. I've mentioned before that long time ago, I got a big fear of driving after being in a big accident in Seattle. Luckily, no one was injured, the car rolled down the hill while I was still in it, and BOOM, it crashed into another car. And from that moment, the driving fear became bigger and bigger, especially when someone drove me uphill or myself drove uphill ( and mind you, that happened TWICE, one as a passenger), all of my body starts to sweat and becomes frozen. Also being trapped in an elevator with more than 10 people for over hour has developed another weird fear for me, anxiety whenever I drive, enter an elevator or fly LOL. ( I sound so silly but trust me, I've been in so many accidents, most of the times as passengers and even awarded as: " be careful to drive T, you never know what happens :))". But Sooner or later, I have to learn how to cope with it.

The more I travel, the less I take photos. I'm always like : oh I should take a lot of photos, I should write a blog post about it, I'm so excited to do that... It most likely happened in contrast ways. I know photos is  the most obvious way to capture moments and memories but somehow, I just wanted to  enjoy those moments in the fullest and selfie way.

To be honest, I like traveling without a car, the moment when I realized traveling by car was going to turn me into a real sloth, I already became a panda :)) ( Just kidding, or kind of...). The pros of having a car are endless, however, the cons are more dangerous. Through all my travels, I learned that the more you get tired, the more you walk and  using public commute, the sweeter your memories are. Having car helped me a lot in traveling faster and convenient storage on the way, but also didn't get me the memorable experiences when I traveled without a car.


San Francisco always fails me when it comes to weather. I've been there already 2 times and it was always so freaking cold, like really really cold, and super windy. Despite knowing San Francisco is a bay area, which means it's freaking windy all the times, I still hoped that god would hear me, loved me, and kindly granted some sunshine through all the windy clouds.

And yet, my little hope went glimmering the minute I stepped out the airport. Where was my summer going? It was July and was cold as F*, windy, and nothing of the weather could be called Summer. Then again, I guess that's what makes San Francisco special to visitors like me.
  • Our first meal after landing was from Brenda's french soul food. The restaurant is famous to locals with its inspiring to southern foods. We choose 2 most popular items which are Crawfish beignet ( beignet, sounds so New Orlean already) and shrimp gift. Honestly, I couldn't remember anything besides It was a good breakfast.  I don't know if I like it or not, though I don't think I'd visit it again unless you're new to San Francisco and want something popular, something that you don't normally eat every day, then this place is a good choice for you. 
  • We had a good day trip to Muir Woods National monument. This is a perfect attraction for people who, like " huge ass oldest like your gramma" trees or just simply, you are a typical tourist and want to see everything in San Francisco. Tip: if you drive there by car and see a signal board saying the parking at Muir Woods has no vacancy and that you have to take their bus ( around $10 per person) , don't do it, there are plenty free off-site road parking available near the monument. You just have to walk a little bit.
  • Visited some famous San Francisco attractions: Union Square, fisher man's Wharf, China Town, Lombard street, Twin peak, Alamo Square/ painted ladies, Lombard street. 
  • We didn't get to see a lot of things on our plan like watching Golden Gate Bridge at night or visiting Alcatraz.  But we had a good dinner time to end our last night in San Francisco  at a conveyor belt hot pot restaurant called, Little hot pot , which is recommended by Thu - a friend of mine ( thank you, we enjoyed it to the last drop of our hot pots :))  ) 
  • If you travel by car, highly recommend driving around San Francisco neighborhoods. San Francisco does have its unique and colorful neighborhoods, though it's not recommended to whom has an anxiety of driving to uphill like me. 

The star of the meal unexpectedly was awarded for the delicious Shrimp & Grits-- Sautéed shrimp, cheddar grits, spicy tomato-bacon gravy. 
The crawfish - Filled with creamy crawfish,  Spiced with cayenne, scallions, and cheddar was fresh with a kick of spice in the sauce and the outside was cooked perfectly so there was a nice crunch when you take a bite and it was still moist. The only downside is that you get greasy and heavy feelings pretty fast after just one bite. 

Another " must-try" in San Francisco: Philz coffee with their famous Iced coffee mint Mojito. The coffee was... a little bit disappointed, but hey, all their staffs were all friendly, one girl even complimented my " horrible silver pink" hair so I got that as a good experience for me. -_-'

Of course, you can't miss the lobster roll when visiting San Francisco ( in a case you aren't able to make it to the boston side...). Although the food looked pretty good,  it didn't taste as its look. The lobster roll my mom and I ate at The fisher'man wharf  2 years ago still beat this place up or actually, it might sound ridiculous but the lobster roll of Disneyland is one of a kind ( highly recommended)

Painted ladies.

We carried these two bottles from San Francisco all the way to Yosemite, LA and back to Seattle

This time, people didn't hang themselves  like monkeys anymore...

We also got in line for San Francisco famous Dan Tart from " Golden Gate Bakery". The line took about 40', I was hoping the tart would taste magical like this was the best egg tart I could eat in my life just to worth the wait. Can you guess what? Well, A LESS BETTER VERSION OF KFC EGG TARTS in Asia.