December 25, 2016

I lost my camera!

 (for some reason I posted my draft version instead of an official one and didn't check it until now. This is the re-uploaded, edited version, hope It can explain the blank dot I left in the draft version and nonsense things in it better) 
I need to write it down before my "goldfish" mind starts its own natural process of forgetting everything again. This happened abt a month ago.

Here is how it happened and why I wanna write about it because of how much it has impacted me in a good way.
I lost my beloved  camera 5Dii, like the blog title name, along with other things. Here is the deal why I was so angry:
  • We ourselves were so careless
  • Instead of breaking 1 glass, they had to broke 3 glasses LOL 
  • I never go anywhere without my camera, and somehow the only time that I decided to hide my camera under my coat was the time burglar chose our car. 
  • And the camera was my 7-year-old best friend. 
  • Though my HB lost more valuable documents ( I don't care though 😗 )
 Our car got broke in in " Golden Gate" city aka San Francisco, The beautiful city that will be carved into my heart forever since " the morning".  Long story short, at the moment, I thought I had lost my faith to people whom I call polices and also people whom I called "human": the shitty responsible hotels I stayed at  the SF polices and the burglars. Honestly, I was so unusually calm at the time, if somebody happened to see me at the scene, they wouldn't know my car got broke in. The truth is my brain was on fire and all I could think was tracking down the guy, pretended like Liam Neeson in Taken, and beat the shit out of him. I had to admit some sides of me are psycho indeed :))). That long revenge thinking lasted a solid hour of waiting while filling police report until a random old man passed by, he was black. Ironically, the person I was for sure that broke in our car was a black dude and a white man who stood nearby our car before we left. To be honest, I was racist at that moment. That random person approached me, the first person actually asked us what happened and gave me some advice on some ways to find our stuff back, just small talks but little did he know that small advice could bring our minds back to a stabilized state.

Then again, while in my very last efforts looking around in the trash can for who god knows maybe the robber would throw back my so's backpack, which happened to have his passport inside LOL, I bumped into a parking officer. we were blaming ourselves of how stupid and careless we were and he instead, encouraged us life is full of ups and down. That it can happen to anyone. It's not our faults and to not blame us but blame society and what it has created. It's not because we're stupid or careless, because something is wrong with their minds, they need the rush with drugs and they'll do anything for more drugs. Again he stressed that no matter what, it could happen to anyone. Not just us, everybody has experienced it and nobody can tell whats going to happen and so don't blame it on ourselves. And all we can do is grow to not be like them, be better than them. Whatever it is never become one of them and always grow to become better and to always look up and be strong and fight for what is right, then he showed us a very credible place to fix our windshields.

The rest of the trip was filled with kindness and magic, though that wasn't the only problem we gotta deal with, our car started acting crazy. First, the CVS light went up, second the tire pressure and then I guess the other... lights wanted to join the party so much that you don't have to guess, our car, needless to say, blinking like animal party :)). Oh, Why I could forget before that, some sort of mental psycho guy thought running on freeway and shooting people was a funny entertainment way. I meant C'mon, go home and have some chicken wings, wth u have to shoot somebody on my way ...  Best part was that there were a bunch of helicopters above us and we were, unfortunately, in the first group of cars that were near the scene, so basically, we were "happily" stuck in the traffic for... well, Idk, 2 hours? but looking at the bright side, we weren't the ones who got their heads blowing right and enjoyed how people stood up on their cars to try and see what was happening😉.

Every single person we met afterward were all nice and friendly to us. From all the people at Autoglass, where we got our car fixed, they even took us to their favorite coffee to pass the time.      and then the Uber guy, who advised us on different ways to deal with our hotel to the girl at Bonchon , whom I complained I needed more sauce and so she went to try and get the sauce for us :)) but only to be told "no we can't just give more seasoning" by the chefs. also to the people at Universal Studios.
and to the guys at Tactile coffee, which also has the best cold brew/latte I've ever tried in my life, they explained to me where their coffee came from and all the syrups are made in house.

Literally, Every person we met tried to have small talks with us, and showed us what it truly means to be kind! when I visited the Hsi Lai temple in CA, despite there were a bunch of people coming to pray and lighten incenses, all the women working at the temple, who supports tourists, only came to us to talk and unconditionally willing to help us how to pray, lightening incenses for us, explaining the history of this temple...( is it weird? ). And even people in Churros place, one of the owners, didn't speak English, but he kept insisting the security groups eating churros nearby to translate for him, whom also later joined conversations between us and the churros guys ( despite having a line behind).

It sounds exaggerate, but if you are in my shoes, you'd understand how. I have been living in America for 5 years and my SO was born here, but we both quite surprised of this weirdness and friendliness that we were experiencing here. We knew how " nice gesture" ( some time I called it as fake Murica compared to the culture where I'm from), but this, we both agree that was too freaking weird, I meant it was amazing experience, but weird :)), like you just took a roller coaster ride, from hell  back to Heaven. Though I took it as a reliever gift from someone above to us.
Even at the very last, the guy at motel 6 , where we stayed at during on way back to Seattle offered us free $10 wifi as he said you guys look so nice 😗, while most people just yelled at him why they had to pay for wifi when the big panels outside saying " wifi here".  At first I thought he would only give us the 3$ wifi, only access to a certain limit things like emails...but no, he gave BOTH of us $10 worth of wifi  =)),  ( this motel6 belongs to corporate, which you have to pay money for their wifi, we got used to it during our road trip from East to Coast).

this trip reminds me the most important things:
  • There will be always bad guys out there, just like how Dalai Lama has said there will always be someone will reincarnate after him to against him ( if you ever happen to read books from Dr. Brian Weiss, you might understand more about it), you have always to be caution.
  • Life is full of kindness, good spirits, and magics
  • Be grateful of what I'm having now, the life I'm living, the family that gave birth to and nourished me... everything. I'm blessed to be born again in the world, to have this body, to have a chance to study again.  
  • You're a chain of magics in the world, be kind to each other because that is the way your wonder magic can reach to other people. 
  • And also the last one: Me,  Please, don't be stupid anymore.😂 (jk)

for the last words, I guess from now up till the point I ran out all the photos I've taken on the camera, which also somehow lucky enough to have transferred all of them before the trip, I don't think I would buy a new camera too soon from now. This is because... well, I haven't got over losing it yet.  I'd been carrying the camera for so long, I feel like I attached to the camera so much that losing it hurts me so deeply, pretty much like this.

Ironically, in a few moments of my time with the camera, I wished I never had it and I could free myself from attaching to it!? , and now the joke falls on me :)).

But hey life moves on, hope you will still (occasionally) check out my never-updated blog. 

Blue bottle coffee- so so...

showed off my cute little bunny 🐰 , that took me tears & blood to finish (the person never did her own art projects/homework in elementary and middle school)


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