November 28, 2016


My first time in NYC, I was with my mom.  New York was a new friend at the time, and yet, I learned so many things about the new friend during the time, only 4 and half days with my mom, we walked crazy all around the city, we discovered many new things, shopped and traveled a lot. At the time, I thought NYC has stolen my heart. 
This time was with my other half.  NYC was still  lively, crowded, and dirty, as a friend of mine didn't hesitate to gift it a name that can't be better:  "a garbage hole of America".  I couldn't help laughing when she said that but also didn't have enough courage to tell her that I actually love NYC, which somehow made me doubt that this time, NYC has returned me half of my heart. 
I wished I could have stayed longer in Nyc during this trip. Due to our tight schedule and to catch up with my friend in Boston. We only had exactly a day for the Big Apple, which made everything so rushed, it was like a blink of an eye and suddenly, I had to say goodbye to this city. 
I urged hb to try the NYC subway, I explained to him this was something he needed to experience, something about NYC I really like, that you could see many different cultures in one place. I used the dirty trick that It might  bring him back some memories of Japan subway. We only had 30 minutes to  take the subway from where we are to Woorijip and then be back to where we parked our car. It was rushing, of course. I should change the name of this post to " rush trip" instead of NYC trip. Needless to say, He didn't enjoy the train as I thought :)). But I had fun, I like seeing people doing their own daily things, especially in a bustling city like NYC. There is always something interesting to look at, and with people who love fashion like me, that excitement comes in double. 
There are some things that I couldn't cross out on my checklist: 
  • Couldn't try Mille crepe cake at Lady M. They chose the day we went there to close 
  • Couldn't try more coffee and eat more stuff 
  • Couldn't visit Central park again
  • Couldn't walk across Brooklyn bridge, We drove by 2 times though :)))))))))))))))))))
  • Couldn't stay any longer
also, one important lesson I learned from this trip is: you can't enjoy NYC with a car. 

Graduation party

Dunkin' donut, all over East coast but Not a single store in PNW.


Alexandria Old town or somewhere close to George town!? :)) ( possibly)

I hate bonchon, I f* hate bonchon, just because it ruined my road trip. The road trip lasted 9 days from East to West coast. Guess how many times I ate Bonchon? 7 times ( or 8). You heard it right, I love it to the point that I delayed my trip to wait for the last state that had bonchon outside of its doors so that I could eat it one last time

Kang Ho-dong... again. 

"Woorijip" is a deli type Korean restaurant, located in Korean town.  This place has an Amazing, cheap variety of Korean foods for a quick grab to go. I came back to this place not only for their great cheap food but also to bring back the memories I had when traveling with my mom. Also, this place is surrounded by other high review korean restaurants, desserts and bubble teas. highly recommend to stop by Korean town if you happen to be in NY. 

Ippudo: I really wanted to believe the hype and love this place but sadly I can’t. Every reviews I read online gave me the high expectation of how good this place was gonna be. Just to make sure It was a good experience,  I was the first in line of the day to try it out. Well, the ramen wasn’t bad, just not worth the wait or go there early. Maybe it was either a bad cook day or just because I expect so much that made me disappoint so much. It doesn’t have the “ wow” factor when you slupre the broth and felt happy with full stomach after finishing it. I have a bad memory, that means I can only remember either the very good food or very bad food LOL. Ippudo, unfornately, fell into the middle, that couldn’t make me recall any memories of their ramen beside the fact that I had to go there early to beat the line. But good thing is, The ramen bowls looked good on photos! :))

Ground Zero.

Not as amazing as I thought, but the crack pie and this soft serve ice cream are worth to try.