August 12, 2016

Classic // outfit

   Have you ever had a summer that looks like fall? Well, that's how my summer is going now. Unfortunately to My friends and I, who madly stocked up summer clothes like every year. Needless to say, we basically wore winter clothes instead, though one friend of mine was actually brave enough to wear what we call  " fashion beats up weather". I'm just too old for that, I was way more creative than who I am now, I mixed and matched clothes like crazy, I don't care if people would pay attention too much, " too teenagers" or not appropriate to the weather.  But I guess when you reach a certain point of your life, it is much better and easier for you to wear what you feel comfy the most. Hopefully, the forecast is gonna be right when it said the weather is getting warmer in next couple days. Sighzz

 I think the summer before last summer ( or last summer) I devoted my life for skirts/dresses. This summer is all about culottes and jeans. The outfit below is nothing special, pretty classic to most people. Jean and White shirt, what could go wrong?

Shirt & Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Asos