Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Culottes // outfits

 I think I have a love for culottes this summer.  A crazy love. TOO crazy!

 Culottes have been a trend for awhile. And if you didn't know, I hate wearing something trending at " the trending moment", which obviously make culottes put into my category of " Items I might never wear". Actually, thinking back about it now, Before falling in love with culottes, I do own one and It was a souvenir from Sapa in Viet Nam, which the highland minorities usually wear LOL. But that's all, I didn't really want one and never really had the intent to try it. Until Last February, when the place I'm working at had a huge selection of culottes, and the culottes that introduced me to the new world, and opened my eyes ( what should I call, Love at first sight maybe? ) was laying there, soft and silky, boho and elegant. I knew my fashion philosophy was done, this was the end of it, this silky baby would go home with me that day =)) . From that moment, I don't even know when, why and how,  that I ended up with 5 culottes already.


Was my new philosophy at that day.

One of my favorites is the  frayed jean culottes from F21 . I like wearing jeans but sadly, I don't own a lot of jeans. Mainly because I never found one that fits me perfectly, except for the Uniqlo jean I've mentioned in some posts before. Anyway, If I remember correctly, I got this one on sale for like $10 and comes pretty big at the waist despite its size in XS. However, that doesn't stop my love for it  as long as you have a good looking belt, and don't care your sexiness would drop 10x in front of your bf/friends when wearing it, then these jeans are a huge deal for you ( and me).


             Don't ask me why I put my hands in my pockets in all of the photos...
                   Obviously,  I look super cool when my hands are in my pockets. :))

I have had a lot of fun with Snapchat filters lately ( You will see very soon in an upcoming post why I say that), but I don't really share them to any of my social media accounts ( Even Snapchat itself LOL)  except my Instagram, which I have closed temporarily. So I guess why not just put them on this blog from now on.

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