Sunday, June 12, 2016

When life gives you a journey


It's has been awhile since my last post ( obviously). There were so many times I wanted to  but always ended up distracting to another thing. Even on my flight to Washington DC, I finished some travelling and outfit drafts for my blog but as soon as I landed to DC airport.... Goodbye blog, you will be missed! LOL

Those past couple months have been incredible to me. At first, I thought I would move out Seattle but then ended up on the road trip 5000 miles from East coast to West coast. This road trip has changed my view of how big the world is, and how small we are in front of mother nature.
 I can't count how many times we were the only car on freeway without any signs of life while  lightning strikes on the left and the storm chasing us from behind in the middle of a farm road with magnificent view of  red painted mountains with a long range of grassland, or when your car started acting stubborn due to some stupid cheap gas while stuck in a snow blizzard on the mountain without any phone signals.

After all that, the scenes and what we have been through the trip were worth every single minute. We ended up our last night on the road trip with our car parked on a side road, enjoying millions of stars and the milky way above our head. You would know that immediately at  the very end of the trip, when on the road to the final destination, you take a sip of your hot coffee on a chilly sunny day from "your buddy" Mc's Donald and realized you missed the trip so much that the feelings is itchy under your skin, like you have been living in your fantastic world, filled with adventures and magical places, suddenly you are pulling back to the  reality, where you don't need to deal with unexpected things coming up constantly but again, they are also what make you alive during those days on the trip.

For now, I'll end up this blog here and again, hopefully, I will post some more blogs in the next couple days. :)))


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