Saturday, June 18, 2016

Throwback to the winter // outfits

Seattle weather is bizarre lately. It was just like an oven a week ago and now it is cold enough to make you put on your signature winter legging. I like it though. It brings me back to the good mood that I always had during the winter until the summer hit. Which is most likely the time I'm like a grumpy old lady that keeps bitchi'n like the world is going to die because of the hotness. Well, since I'm in a better " version me" now and the weather is chilly, it's time to throw some winter outfits that I wore the last winter on the blog before I switch back to the " grumpy version".

There are still some winter photos waiting in my drive, but I guess I'll postpone it maybe to the next post and in case you wonder why I cut my face out of the photos, It's because I like it. Or In other words,  my face sadly ruin the beautifulness of the photos :)))))

Typical winter me
Shoes: Asos ( I've seen the same looking one from boohoo)
Coat: F21
Sweater: H&M
long T-shirt: any stores =))

Same look, different sweater. If I remember correctly, the sweater should be from H&M ... or F21 :))

coat: Zara
Dress: H&M ( highly recommend)
legs: Eczema :))

Sweater: Mom
culottes: F21
Shoes: Zara

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