Thursday, February 25, 2016

kun's corner: Monochrome edition

Well, in case you don't know, I've sweated my exhausted brain just to come up a title for this series. At first, I wanted it to be some thing like my signature such as: " kun's favorite" :)), but then favorite is too normal, should I call it kun's closet? seemed so weird, I don't want people to think I just wanna share my favorite clothing pieces. How about " my favorite items"? then it would erase my "kun" signature.  I guess it should be " Kun's favorite items" then, but why it sounds so boring...yup, That's how I ended up with this title: too tired to create a new extraordinary name for my blogpost and decided to pick up the name of my second Instagram for this series :)). This series post  can be anything, either clothes ( mostly clothes :)) ) or makeup, or just my personal favorite things like movies, websites, bloggers, etc...So you might have a question why I have to create a series like this and why not just put these blog posts in different  and separate names? The biggest reason behind this series is because ...I want a title that carries my signature "kun" :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). Also, I created this series because for this amount times I have right now, it's hard for me to keep up with a blog post every week. However, I still want to write a blog post every week that doesn't take me that many times. The blog posts will be short in words and photos,  but the contents are still from my heart. In other words, I don't want to throw out crap short posts just to keep up with my resolution and that someday in the future I will regret of posting them when reading the posts again.

The first post for this series is few basic minimalist clothing pieces in my closet. I guess there will monochrome edition 2,3,4... following this due to the black and white clothes I have :)).  I think this is already enough words, let's me to take you walk through my corner ;)

These scarves above are my must- have items in winter, Spring and Fall. I can't live without them in these seasons, and if you like scarves like me, and the color of these scarves are so easy to mix n match with any outfit. If you love scarf like I do, I believe they should be in your closet too :D (  these scarves are from Forever 21, affordable and decent quality) 
Time for me to introduce you one of my favorite brand ever: Uniqlo. I first knew this brand when I traveled to Japan. It isn't as affordable as Forever21 or as expensive as a high-end brand. It's more like mid- end fashion brand like Zara, selling mostly basic clothes but seriously freaking high quality. The prove is my Boyfriend: he doesn't like shopping, he has no idea what H&M, Zara or forever21 are, nor other brands besides sporty brands like  Nike, Adidas. He just wears whatever  his parents and I throw to him. However, the clothes have to be super comfortable and he's IN LOVE with Uniqlo, he even swore that this is the only brand he could shop to the end of his life Lol. I couldn't be happier when Uniqlo opened their first store in WA because their shipping prices are way too expensive and I rather just visit their stores if I  travel to California or any cities that have Uniqlo than buying from them online. Actually, their basic stuff are not that expensive, they usually have promotions for the basic clothing pieces like buy 2 for a decent price or you can just like me, wait until they have sale and boom, I got the gray turtleneck for 14$ with the best material ever, it's like smooth feeling when you touch the sweater and gives you a nice comfy when wearing them. The white one and legging below are heat tech materials, I like them a lot because I know they will definitely keep me warm without wearing a bunch of layers ( also these heat tech materials somehow gives me really nice figure Lol)

you know it's worth every penny when shopping in Uniqlo.
For those outfits below, I hope someday they will have their own outfit of the day post because there is no one to take photos for me now. All my friends are busy now, and whenever we have a chance to meet, I rather having my times with them then asking for taking photos ( okay, I lie, because I'm lazy to carry my big camera around :))) ).  Anyway, I intended to put these selfies into a category like " selfie mirrors", but with the amount series I created and can't even keep them up, it's better to put them here :)).
sweater and culottes: Forever21 ( you already saw this sweater if you follow my blog, if you're not, this sweater is from contemporary line and the trouser I got for 6 bucks on sale and freaking amazing beautiful, so hurry up check forever21 if they still have it on sale)
Shoes: Zara

Shirt: Monki ( from japan trip, I wish they have Monki in The States :( )
skirt: Uniqlo
Skirt: Uniqlo, coat: Zara, shoes: I can't even remember, so long time ago.

coat and skirt: forever21
Shoes: Asos

I posted these last 2 selfies because I really love these skirts, they easily match beautifully with other clothing pieces but then the 2 coats in the selfies look nice too, but I also want to save them for coat edition... I guess, If you see these photos in a future post, don't blame me ( struggle life). :))


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