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Camera fun life: Olympus OMD-M10 MARK II

( I'm not a professional photographer or expert in Cameras. This review is just my own personal experience)
If you follow my blog for awhile, you probably know I'm a camera geek. I've been into photography for a long time, though I wouldn't call myself photographer anymore. It sucks that I lose my passion into photography, and when I lose my passionate flame in something, it's hard for me to get it back, although I'm thinking going back to it just for fun and relax. But I do LOVE cameras, I have a camera fetish ( also Starbucks gift card fetish) and I like collecting different kinds of cameras. Well, it sounds fancy but I swear that I only buy one of each kind so...Is it acceptable, right? :)) My dearest camera collection currently and sweetly becomes my brother's collection, who amazingly claimed it by himself as I couldn't bring them to Seattle with me...what a good brother!
Olympus OMD-M10 mark II has a retro looking of a film camera, with the weight almost 400g, it's a light but not light enough for vlog purpose. 

the outside of this camera gives me the feeling that if I accidently drop it, it is still okay

Anyway, the point is that I got myself a beautiful effortlessly camera for my collection as Christmas present for myself: Olympus Omd- 10d mark II. It's a mirrorless camera and if you don't know what a mirrorless camera is, I will sum up a little bit what it is here and why I bought it. Basically, it's more like a compact camera but with interchangeable lenses. However, unlike DSLR, it doesn't have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder and most of these mirrorless cameras have 4/3 sensor size ( which are equal to entry- level DSLR sensor), although recently, a lot of companies have stepped into full frame  mirrorless camera battles such as Fuji or Sony. Why I bought it? I love my 5D mark II, it's been with me roughly 5 years or more than that, I can't remember :)). It's my best friend but the best friend is pretty heavy to carry around. Now I sound like an amateur who try to buy a camera just to show off, but I seriously think that canon 5D isn't compatible for travelling unless you have strong hand grips ( Okay, sorry 5D, you've been with so many travels and now I betray you like that), which is a reason for me to seek a camera that reacts my expectations: Light, good for vlog and also good for taking portrait photos. I had researched a lot and many people, including my brother, who have tested fuji cameras, claimed Fuji probably has the best mirrorless cameras out there. The downside is that from what I know, Fuji mirrorless cameras aren't good cameras for filming and pretty sure you gotta have a big budget if you decide to go with fuji cameras because hell yeah, their lens prices are too d*mn high.  But There are still many options such as Sony alpha line, which I hope in the future I would have a chance to test it or Canon EOS M line, though I decided to go with Olympus at the end because of its vintage look LMAO. Honestly, I couldn't stop thinking how this camera could be this beautiful when I first hold it. The image quality is pretty good in terms of sharpness. Since I'm using a cheap lens for my 5D, the sharpness of Olympus images wins over 5Ds. Oh, I forgot to mention, I bought it with the 25 mm 1.8 Olympus prime lens, which is equivalent to 50 mm lens on a full-frame camera. I had tested it along with my 5D for about 2 weeks.  Overall, I love it, but not worth the price since I own 5D, I have a pretty high expectation for this camera, which is the reason why I returned it. The color is kinda yellow for some reasons, no matter how I switch to different modes, adjust color levels, they still look yellow-ish and since It doesn't give you a deep shallow/depth of field like how my 5D is since it's micro 4/3 sensor, unless if I would have purchased a 45mm 1.8, maybe it would be different in deep shallow. The pros of  OMD- M10 mark II is its sharpness and its advantage in taking details photos, travel friendly, night photos, everyday life and flatlay, which is perfect for anyone who just want a light, entry level DSLR quality camera that can serve any photos purposes and has a limited budget, go for this camera, you won't regret ( also, it has different color modes for you to choose like soft focus, Lomo, HDR...) but if you really take seriously with photography like taking portraits or wedding, fashion...go with big full-frame heavy cameras out there, because that's why these cameras are made.
My advice after trying Olympus

  • If you have extra budget, wanna get a nice vintage looking  camera, belong to the Olympus line, get the OMD-M5 mark II, it has 180 flip-up screen compared to the OMD- M10 mark ii, which only has the tilt screen. Otherwise, stay with 10D, it won't make any different except the weather sealing on 5d.
  • If you want more fancy, slightly higher quality and probably better color-processing, go with Fuji cameras  ( prepare your budget for lens upgrade)
  • I heard a good thing about sony & line, I can't wait to test it and let you know about it later. Or if you own one, I'd love to read your reviews.
  • If you have a smaller limited budget, still wanna get a good nice vintage looking camera with interchangeable lens from Olympus, get the Olympus pen EPL7 ( doesn't have view finder)
  • More importantly, no matter what camera you use ( although it would make significantly different LOL), as long as you love taking photos, then your photos would turn out beautiful no matter what ( like using iphone:)), or  with the help from photo editors :)))))))))))))))))))))

I'm still looking my perfect mirrorless camera and I know there will be a lot of mirrorless cameras come out this march so my plan for this "camera fun life" posts would be:
  • Testing the fuji camera lines and sony & by myself
  • Try Canon g7x, which isn't a mirrorless camera but I heard good thing about it for vlogs
  • Review my Gopro hero 3+, which I have used for my California trip
  • Try new coming mirrorless cameras in this march

 all those photos below were taken under automatic iso at F 1.8.

you can also see some of them from my previous post ( New year post) and you will see tons of them in upcoming posts.

Here is a comparison between Olympus OMD-M10 mark II with 28 mm 1.9 lens and Canon 5D mark II with 50mm 1.8 lens, both shot at F 1.8. However, I set automatic Iso on Olympus while inhouse and  max iso 6400 for 5D. For outside, the iso on 5D was about 1600 for the gloomy day ( okay, I don't remember but Lightroom tells me that :))), also, all photos are unedited to give you the honest view of image quality.

5D mark II





Iso 2000, 5D

Iso 200, Olympus
I'll let you guys decided which one you like better.

Since this is my very first post of reviewing a camera, I might forget to include a lot of things and the post probably lacks a lot of details of the comparison but hopefully, you would get some views of Olympus OMD-M10 Mark II


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