Sunday, February 21, 2016

Adventure to snowland

As I promised that I would try to post 1 blog post a week in my New Year post, I failed to complete the mission last week Lol, which also makes me realize how I should salute bloggers who have full-time jobs and still maintain their blogs well at the same times. I mean seriously, how can you guys do that? or maybe I suck in time management. Once I have some spare times, I for sure would get distracted by youtube. hmm, Now think about it, the most important resolution of this year should have been time management...
Anyway, Today's post is about my fantastic trip to snowland - Snoqualmie. Before this  trip, I was craving for snow all the times, getting jealous of everyone in The East coast of having huge snow piles over there while in Seattle, snow has been disappearing for... Idk maybe 2 or 3 years? To be fair, It indeed snowed in Seattle,  but only happened 1 day a year and to me, they were more like showers.  However, the best thing about living in Pacific Northwest is that if you want to see snow, no problem. If you want to enjoy a warmer weather, no problem. If you want to do some activities such as hiking, no problem :)), or even if you would like to live under rainy days all the time, no problem.  Which  also means that, not so far away from Seattle, about an hour driving, there is a town named Snoqualmie that has been covered with high snow during the winter, which is the place where people crazily checked in this location on Instagram and made someone like me, who also crazily got jealous of their photos. Of course, I have to pick a day and patiently waited my bf arrived to take me there because honestly, I just want to go there to have snow photos and he's the only one that I'm comfortable to be in front of cameras completely. And that's why if you scroll down just a little more, a bunch of my photos will be showed up. If you don't like my face, I'm warning you: please stop reading from here =)).
However, we couldn't go on the chosen day because of snow storms, then the following days that we thought we could make it to Snoqualmie, It was either we were so tired or snow storm still overflow the area that had delayed our trip until very last day before my bf leaving Seattle. I was so upset that I was like: " I don't care if it is snow storm over there, I have to go".

And that's how my trip started

The day we went, it was heavy rainy and the place we chose to have breakfast, which is on the way to Snoqualmie, closed on that day. By the way, it's Chick-fil-A and I hadn't tried Chick-fil-A before and this was the only new opening one in Washington ( they have the second one now). We were like: and now what, burger king? :)) and that's how katsu burger crossed my mind. It's a staple burger place, distinctive itself from other types of burger ( Japanese style). The meat patties are deep fried, crunchy while the buns are light and fluffy. My order is even topped with runny egg ( how wonderful is that ) yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!.

Ok, I'm probably out of topic again. Back to the trip, the rain quickly switched to snowers and then heavy snow as we approached  Snoqualmie. The landscape was spectacular, mountains and the side roads are all white. It was just like a scene stepped out from a fantasy movie. After we got off the ramp, the beautifulness of this view pressed my heart.


The only word I could think of at that moment. As usual, we stayed off far away from skiing area, went inside the village, people houses  and streets that nobody drove by, and sometimes, when we stopped in front of random houses that behind them was a snow mountain, I got a strange nostalgic feeling, like I had lived in this kind of houses before. The life that your legs are deep in snow, looking far away and asking if a snow storm is coming tonight, maybe I'd lived that life in my dream? It was also funny how I was freaking scared that our car would be sliding or how our car tires would get stuck. Neither of my scares didn't happen but still, it was both amazing and scary experience at the same time, Although my boyfriend was pretty chill all the time and seemed like so get used to it.( I wonder if all people living in East Coast have this same attitude?:)) )

This delicious crunchy burger is served with shredded cabbage, a slice of bacon, some veggies and topped with delicious housemade curry sauce. I can't complain.

Woohoo, sledding, we didn't bring any sledding board with us and because my outfit was pretty inappropriate to play or even walking on snow.

I don't want to blast about this boots. I bought it like couple years ago from Ugg, the second most expensive shoes I've spent on, which only until that day when I realized this boot was a saver of my life in this trip, helping me to avoid more facepalm on that day. 

randomly, out of nowhere, this sad face pretty dog appeared, just looking at us and disappeared quickly after that.


Since this is the trip for my photos, don't be surprised why I changed to many different outfits in one trip. :))

Thêm chú thích

I overdrew my lip and only realized after those photos were already taken, so excuse my super full lips :)). 

Last but not least, all the clothing pieces are from forever 21, except the shoes and the Zara white coat.


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