January 31, 2016

fall series (3)

Warning: this blog post contains content many find extremely boring

I feel like I had to make this post before it's way too late, or it's actually already late but yeah... whatever :)). Honestly, I didn't intend to post this anymore because I get super bored with these outfits already. I would say Fall and Spring season are the same to me when it comes to outfits and my appearance. They are the times when my skin looks the best, and also the time when my fashion tastes in these two seasons pretty vary and doesn't have a certain style like how I am in this winter or the style depends on my mood like last summer. Also, these outfits below aren't all what I wore during Fall because I had no one to take photos for me ( my life in nutshell). I was also considering doing mirror selfie but life isn't easy at all when your mirror is put in the darkest place in your apt ( by landlord), as well as the mess background behind with "just a little bit dust" on the mirror, WHICH is also a good excuse for my to buy another mirror but that only happened long after 2 months later. So basically, I don't really have a lot of fall photos, the good thing that saves my lonely soul is I do have many winter photos. However, I'm still thankful for all friends who took these photos below for me. Although how bad the photos turned out,  how bad out of focus they are, without you guys, I only have food photos for my blog LMAO. =))))))))))))))))))))

Long shirt and black sweater never go wrong.

For those who are wondering if I wear anything under that shirt: Yes I do, and no, it's not only my underwear.

Cardigan: H&M 
Love this cardigan, though I haven't worn it lately. I should wear it back when Spring comes.

One of my most favorite items in my closet: my beloves split skirt, easy to pair with anything. Sexy and elegant at the same time.

  The below photos are clothing pieces I  really like but never had a chance to buy them. Once I came back after receiving my check or maybe long debates whether should buy them in my mind, they already disappeared far away, and if you know  Forever21, you would know finding clothes in F21 is like a treasure hunt. If you don't buy it now, the chance of coming back finding exact the same piece is like the chance of getting a lightning strike ( I know, I exaggerate a little bit, but you know what I mean :)) ). Why didn't I order online? Because I'm lazy :)). So instead of letting them burden among my mountain of photos, it's better to share with you a little taste of my fashion.



January 23, 2016


 Hey, blog, how are you doing lately?

Well, it's been 22 days since the New Year... I guess it's a little bit late to say this: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I wrote ... 3 blog posts and never had a chance to post them. The first post was postponed because of my laziness, which I can't blame on anything Lol. However, the second one happened when my all photos in my memory card suddenly disappeared and the last one was the most painful one when I actually wrote a lot of things. I  even included the first 2 posts in it and somehow I assumed blog spot would automatically save everything, turned out it didn't ( it was supposed, though -_-). The end of this you probably know by now: I restarted my laptop without  even giving a glance, and all the things I wrote in the post are gone with the wind...  After that, I give myself the right to say god doesn't love me writing blogpost :))), which is a perfect excuse to be a procrastination queen. Honestly, I miss writing blog so much, it's ... just like you promised to keep in touch with a friend while you know you might not be able to keep that promise Lmao. Anyway, that's why I decide to put this as a top priority in my resolution list this year. Although, I didn't start the resolutions right away due to my bf visited me, then works, meeting friends, eating (Lol), and my laziness, which already accounted most all my times.  That's why I think it's better for me to share my resolution list this year on my blog, just to be like a guardian for me to keep up with the list.

So here my resolution this year:
1. write at least one post a week.
2. meditation - my mom always tells me to spend my morning at least 10' meditation just to clear my mind and learn how to focus. I did it for awhile, most in my difficult times and It helped me a lot to go through those times. Although I've stopped meditation lately,  I hope this year I would spend more times to meditate
3. Successfully creating a habit of exercising 5 Tibetan rites in every morning.
4. Read more books, which used to be my habit and I've dropped this habit about... 2 years I think T.T
5. For God's shake, clean my apartment.

and last but not least, time for some moments in the last month.

My private photographer every year this season. 

First time trying Ikea food. Really impressed of how delicious their food were with that kind of prices. The only downside is it looked like we ate a lot but the food weren't fulfilled at all 

We ordered a corn bread, the "have-to-order" Swedish meatballs, potato creamy soup, zunnichi cake and salmon lasagna, all for 15-17 USD 
Swedish meatball was pretty interesting, especially the lingonberry sauce. The meatballs itself were pretty smooth in texture, unlike regular meatballs, it's more like fishballs I think :)).  

I love how Forver21 has improved their styles in recent years with pretty good quality, especially in their contemporary line. All clothing pieces in these photos above ( and some below) are all from Forver21 contemporary line, except the shoes and the socks :)). 80% my clothes right now are from F21, the rest divides for Zara, H&M, and some other internet clothing sites, which proves to you how much I love F21 clothes. I even like them more than other higher clothing company in terms of quality and style. The clothes pieces feel pretty high-end and their design really suits Asian size ( maybe because the founder is Korean American? )

General porpoise donuts - the new donut place for Seattleites, which focuses on malasada donuts - a fried puffy donuts with creamy filling. The verdict: Not bad and so pricey. The good thing is that their interior design is open but still cozy. 

Lemon custard malasada. 

Best waffles I've tried. It's a Liege waffle not " all over places" Belgian Waffle. Crispy caramelize outside, fluffy, but still a little bit dense. Yum, Yum. I'm so sad this place could be closed down by now due to its poor location and because of that, I purchased a waffle maker to make  crispy waffles myself :)) Lmao.

Nori fries.

what is better than a boiling hotpot for a cold winter night.

Best ramen in town. Honestly, we didn't intend to try this place because our ramen memory in Japan is too beautiful and none of us really wanna destroy the Japan beautiful Ramen bowl in our minds. But then I was too lazy to cook and this place is 4 blocks from my house with  a long line to its door everytime we stopped by, so we decided to give it a try. Well, the conclusion is ... the ramen is too freaking good,  almost resembles the ramen we tried in Japan, except the chasiu pork isn't good since the one in Japan my bf could finish the pork but at this place he had to substitute the chasiu with something else, though their marinated soft-boiled eggs are highlighted in the ramen bowl (probably better than Japan) beside their creamy broth. It was so good that we came back to this place nonstop despite the long lines every time we came. 

First snow in 2016

-->> for those who are interested in my blog drafts since I never had a chance to post them :)). 

"I've been kinda busy recently to adapt with my new job, but since I've promised to myself of keeping writing blog as a habit, I guess it's time to post  up now.  I was trying to finish all my summer stories first before going into fall diaries, and then winter. That being said,  I'm late to all the  deadlines, like it's literally winter now, and the weather already got  colder & freeze  and somewhere in the west of where I live, snow is covering all over places Lol. Hopefully, after this post, Ill be able to post my continued Boston- NY- DC diaries.
Well, this post was supposed to post earlier but then once again, all the data in my flash card disappeared magically for no reason and I had no idea why, or because I somehow knew but didn't believe it Lol.  I was panicked for a moment because I'm not the type of person that would transfer all the data to computer/hard drive every time plug the flash card in. Anyway, the point here is that my life was saved by a program called Diskdrill. This program is especially for those  who use Mac and often use USBs/hard drives/memory cards. It completely found all the missing data and saved my  panicked soul so download it, because who knows one day you would be into situation like me ( ... keke)"