Thursday, December 3, 2015

Goodbye Japan!

This is the last post of Japan ( there might be videos in the future, let's see :D) . I gotta admit writing these posts makes me miss Japan so much and regret all special things we haven't tried or didn't experience them completely. 

My sister was kind enough to drive us back to the airport, which took roughly 2 hours and even before that, she drove us to visit some drugstores to buy souvenirs and makeup, then took us to eat shabu-shabu and finally, last time with onsen near some mountains, though I didn't take onsen this time due to my eczema condition. 

I know we didn't take a lot of photos. In our last day, we barely touched our cameras :)), not because of the day was boring, but I somehow had a fight with my bf on what to eat. The fight started  I really wanted to try sushi the last time and suggested my bf to back me up when tried to hint my sister what to eat. The bad thing was none of us were aggressive enough to raise our voices, we eventually ended up with hot pot shabu shabu instead because it was close by. Honestly, I hate my attitude at the time, I should be thankful of how the real shabu shabu experience was, instead of carrying unpleasant face. Anyway, The place we tried Shabu was pretty authentic and only well-known for Japanese. Our experiences were... well, idk what to say, I guess since I'm so used to hot pot in American with a bunch of meats and a lot of more stuffs, the shabu stepped onto another level: elegant. The meats we ordered couldn't be thinner, they were like slices of very thin paper  and the prices of these meats weren't as thin as how they looked like,   :)). Since the shabu we tried was buffet style except meats, we ended up eating a lot of veggies ( how our stomachs could be fulfilled with this amount of meats), turns out the veggies were the best veggies I've ever tried though. They were fresh, juicy!? and you can actually taste their freshness even they were already cooked well. According to my sister explained: " Japanese Shabu is to enjoy the simple and freshness of ingredients" ( basically applies to most of Japanese food and since my sister seemed already Japanese-nize :))), she chewed them like imperial food)

+ Finally, thanks again my sister for taking her times to take us around despite how busy she was. 
I believe next time visiting Japan is not too far away in the future. Hopefully, I will make it to Hokkaido in  winter and probably, a lot of more photos this time. 

I'm in love with all kinds of cameras, and when I first saw these tiny cameras, I knew I had to get one. Since then, I had been looking for  this for awhile; I gave up because of prices to ship these types of cameras from China/Japan to US was ridiculous, turns out there were a bunch of these tiny cameras all around Akihabara,  and of course I got mine one. 


Ichiran Ramen, so good!!!


skewered fried chickens. Wasn't  good though, you can try the better version in Kombini.

At Harajuku Station

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