Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall outfit series 2

       I had always been jealous of tall girls since I was in middle school, they literally can wear everything and still look good,  especially maxi dresses or something that girls, who have the heights as short as mushrooms ( like me), could transform into monkeys when wearing them. Though after years growing up... I'm still jealous of Tall people, hahahahahaha, but this time, I'm more confident to wear these kinds  of clothes and I'm sure girls like me can rock them too.

The most important I believe is that you feel comfortable and confident when you wear these clothes. I heard people keep saying: " oh because you have legs longer than your back, that's why you wear it good" or "I like it but I can't wear these types because I look shorter in the back or it makes me look shorter..." Honestly, if you like it, why would you even doubt  wearing it. You can always mix and match, do a little twist, then I'm sure everything will be fine.
 For me, I like wearing long dresses but not maxi types though, the specific height of dress I want is like the dresses in these photos below, and for short person like me, I always make sure when wearing them, people will pay attention more to the features of these dresses and not my height :)))). For ex: in summer, I usually wear those kinds of dresses that have revealing front shoulder and a part of my back shoulder since I know people would attract more to these highlights then the fact that I'm short :)). Anyway, in the photos below,  I'm wearing those bodycon dresses from H&M. This time H&M makes it rights with these bodycon dresses and fit much better compare to those I've seen in other places like f21, Zara, Gmarket or elsewhere. They're not too thin but not too thick and can mix perfectly with a jacket outside for a chic look or a cardigan for elegant side. The photos below were taken when the weather was still warm little bit. since it's kinda cold now, I would wear them with coats, ankle boots, tights or jacket. Whatever works fine for you and makes you feel the  comfortable are the most important.

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                                                                           Dresses: H& M

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