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I didn't review it after I uploaded it but for some reasons, the blog missed half of the part I've written :( and every captions I wrote for the photos Oop :((. So I just put it back again from my scattered memories :((((((((((((((((((((((((.

It's funny how I've been living on Capitol Hill for over 2 years and the times I visited this market could only be counted on the fingers of one hand.  They were either I had to take a bus stop right in front of the market or ran errands and passed by it but I never have an intend to stopped for a look, probably because I was just too lazy :)) . The market is considered to be a culture on Capitol Hill, where I live and people seem enjoying the market a lot. Apparently, my dear neighbor is also a fan of the market, she kept asking if I had time to go with her since she wanted to introduce me how amazing the farmer market was and it would be more fun to have an accompany. She was my dear friend and to be honest,  it wouldn't take that much time, plus I hadn't took photos of daily lives and I needed something to put me out of bed or motivate me back into photography... So I guessed they are the reasons why I have these photos below for you Lol
Everybody was so lively. Most vendor owners were pretty nice,  some of them didn't really talk that much though, but overall the market experience was amazing. We luckily went on a nice day, which meant there were a bunch of people around the market to taste some good food, grab freshest veggie & fruits, or just walk for a look like me. My neighbor  told me a lot of stories about vendor owners and how amazing their products were, some histories and her veggies recipes, which made my experience more interesting than ever. Also, funny how one of my classmates in college worked at the market too. He's been working there for months and I had no idea about it since we  talked pretty much to each other in class Lol. We had some small chit chat conversations while my neighbor was trying his vegan soups. I haven't seen any classmates after graduating so seeing him kinda gave me  nostalgic feelings of how I miss going to school ( yeah, I like school a lot :)) ). One more funny thing that there was an old lady with a striking chunk of blue hair came up to me, told me that She bumped into me all the times on Capitol Hill and I myself didn't even knew who she was nor paid attention to her when I walked. It made me realize after has been living here for so long ( yes, it's long to me), Capitol Hill still gives me surprises everyday!

This is my neighbor's favorite first stop, she loves flowers so much so that she literally spent half of our times at these vendors.

My dear neighbor

My most favorite place of the market. They had the most freshest mushrooms  I've tried and probably the most worthy money I spent for that week. I bought a pint of oyster mushrooms from them. Then clean, tear them to small strips and boil them just a little bit. Depends on your taste, I season the mushrooms with a pinch of salt, vinegar, crushed peanut and sometimes a little bit sesame oil  just to taste their mushroom-ish ( Idk if this word even exists) fresh flavor.

To me, this cauliflower looked super weird, which is contrast to its taste as my neighbor described as : " delicious to heaven"

Veggies from the brothers, who have some small boxes of miniature fruits like watermelon ( I didn't take photos though)

I love dogs

In Viet Nam, we only have pumpkin and that's all. But here, you have a huge family of pumkin  for ex: different kinds of squashes ( gourd family according to wiki) as you can see in photos. 

these jams tasted super yummy and yes, I tried all samples, which were around 10!? :)))))

and the owner was pretty nice to explain how he made these jams and his American kimchi.
My dear neighbor
I can't believe how amazing and photogenic the veggies and fruits looks, I wish I could be like them you know. Just laying around and still beautiful and photogenic :)))))

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