Sunday, September 13, 2015

More photos of First day in Japan

I realized I didn't take a lot of photos when I was in Japan like I usually did in my previous travels. Japan was just too beautiful and I feel like I had to enjoy all my moments in order not to regret when I left. The mountains, the rives, the landscapes, the people - everything in Japan looked so surreal. Since my first post in Japan doesn't have a lot of photos, I'll post them here instead and for people who cares, my second post of Japan is coming very soon :)

( Thanks to my sister for all the things she did for us while we were in Japan so that I have these memory photos to share)

In our guest house. 

View from our room, looking direct to Fuji mountain 

Buffet on Hakone mountain.

First soft-serve ice cream on Hakone mountain.
On the way to where they boil black eggs.
No idea where we are,more like tourist place, which has good scene of Fuji mountain to take photos.

Stop place to get some food: Soba noodle & Tempura. Below is our very first ramen in Japan ( They were both okay, not memorable though)

Since I was sleeping basically 60% the times in Hakone due to my jet lag, my sister and my bf has driven to some famous lakes for Fuji mountain views without me knowing it Lol. Anyway, the point here is that you can see good scenes of Fuji mountain from most of places in this Hakone area ( I don't even know if we were still in Hakone though Lol).




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