Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's in my bag?

I did this kind of topic while ago and here is my updated version Lol. I'm really interested in this kind of post since here is one of the best ways to relax when i'm boring. So

1. The purse: of course it has to be in black, black is my best friend, my forever-to-be. Although i'm trying to get rid of this habit, black is too attractive to me whenever i decide to buy another different color purse.
2. Notebook and pen: recently, i paid more attention to cute things like this note and pen, they hadn't never been my taste before, it was always simple like black note and pencil. But it changed couple months ago, i guess the more i'm getting old, the younger i want to be LOL. Anyway, i would say notebook is much easier to control my schedule cuz for some reasons, whenever i planned my schedule on phone, it never worked out.
3. Changes: for bus, laundry. Everyone needs changes in their pocket.
4. Phone: can't live without this one. Yes, i'm addicted to phone.
5: Hand cream from L'occitane: I have been using hand cream from this brand for such a long time. It isn't because they're so good, i just stick with it for so long so that i don't bother to change. =_=
6: Lip balm from Fresh: HIGHLY RECOMMEND, best lip balms  i have used.
7. Perfumes: i'm not really fan of perfumes. As i said before in some post, i got a lot of small version perfumes to try since i don't want to stick with one kind of perfume.
8: lipstick: YSL's lipsticks, liptint are my favorite ones
9: small mascaras: i got so many small mascaras from sephora as rewards, i like them a lot. I did have " real" mascara like chanel, mac... but it's more convenient to bring the small ones.

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