Saturday, February 1, 2014

New year.

  Hi blog, how are you doing?

  It has been such the longest time i haven't written any post. Am i too busy? Nah, don't i have any photos to share? Nah. In fact, i have so much things to share as well as i'm so free right now. School still takes a lot of time but not like how it used to be, and by the way i should ( more suitable word: I must  :P)  how to familiar with school stresses right? Since it's already  beginning of the third year in America. I am just too lazy LOL but Tomorrow is gonna be new year - Lunar New Year, the third New year in America. Last week, i went to shop some groceries in Viet Market. When i just stepped into the market, vibe makes me wanna cry immediately, a little exaggerated  but that how i felt at the moment. I miss how i was so excited for holiday and went to flower market with friends/family, how i and my family cleaned the house ( only my mother though, i was responsible for sneaking candies :)) ), watching fireworks and figuring the matching age one, who would be responsible for first step in house for lucky purpose tradition.
  It's sad to realize memories are just memories. Sometimes, you  miss it a lot but sometimes, you have to let it go. Anyway, i put these photos below randomly from Christmas. There are still a lot of photos , i guess i should save them for next post ;). Btw, if you have time,  stop quick moment by my instagram  for more photos since it's the only social network i use and update constantly now. :)
Happy Lunar New year everybody!!!
I and old friend.
Downtown Seattle .
Downtown Seattle in Christmas
If you live in Seattle, you should know this fastfood restaurant: Dick's. Cheap, yummy, fast. Enough

The only snow day of 2013. Sad movie :(

Starbucks during christmas time. Cozy, a lot of people.

My sister tried to re-create model pose LOL

My boo

It's always fun when you live near such a hilarious neighborhood

Thai food.

Shopping mall before christmas

Snowflake parade.

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