Saturday, February 8, 2014

New balance for day

     I used to have a nike shoes for work out but mom took it with her back to Viet Nam ( noooooo, my shoessssssss). Since then, i had no sport shoes to walk or run and i was so lazy to buy new one. I always like new balance shoes because of its look: sporty, fashion, cool but never bothered to buy one based on my excuse : mom took it back meant that god didn't want me to work out LOL . At the time, i didn't really need a walk shoes, my boots were enough. However, i gained so much weight recently, like... so much. And all the boots made me foot so hurt after couple hours walking so i decided to get a new shoes. I actually almost purchased the same Nike shoes again, since it is too comfortable and light but luckily, i walked by a shoes shop, that has some new balance shoes and also my favorite one : 574 classic NB. I was like: Oh, okay, why don't give it a try? And what's next? i'm wearing it now.

Got this fluffy jacket from a sister. At first, i didn't think i would wear it someday since it was too warm/thick and i don't even need something that warm in Seattle winter. I was so wrong. 

Seattle weather recently changed dramatically. The sky is like the spring but the coldness is just too freaking cold. I feel like it's killing me now, just want to stick to my bed forever.

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