August 20, 2013

Hey blog, long time no see!

It's been over month from my last post. probably, this is the first time i left blog for such a long time. During the time, I wasn't in the mood to write blog and pressures from summer quarter really sucks. Blog is a part of my life, not writing it is an annoying feelings to me but writing it in boring mood is more constrained. So here i come, with the new post and also my feelings!
I just said goodbye to one of my best friends in Seattle, she moves to other state for university. Too much sadnesses, that's how life is though. It will be the time that you have to say goodbye to something that is so valuable to you. Nothing lasts forever. Hopefully, distance isn't a matter for us not to be friends anymore...Hopefully.
When it comes to sadness, i tend to like cutting my hair. The shorter the hair, the more i feel happy. Does it sound weird? Hair is precious to me. You might know i used to be so scared when someone cut my hair. I just wanted to keep it long, beautiful and be how it is. However, i had changed this habit from early of this year, after cutting the hair, i felt my head is lighter and somehow i feel more freedom, more get out of depressed feelings. When i first saw myself with short hair, i spent all day laughing, walking around mirror and looking myself: was it me? It was so strange that i couldn't believe i did it, especially, to someone who stuck with long hair probably for whole life. I got use to it soon though. And last week, i decided to cut it shorter, like bob hair. I look more like japanese ghost doll right now,some of my friends don't like it, some like it, some don't bother commenting it . I don't care, just try new thing, live the life i want, since you only live once.
I'm gonna go NY , Boston and Washington DC next week, so i will have a bunch of photos to share for the blog ( Yay) but first, hope my laziness goes away for me to finish Portland and SF trip, then i will think about writing this upcoming trip Lol.

Here are the photos of my life recently , mostly from instagram. I'm editing some of camera versions so stay tuned!

Me with new hair 

Hot molten cake

Early this year in Spring 

Walked around and quite surprised that i can't believe how beautiful Seattle is. ( has been living here almost 2 years and never paid attention to these buildings)
We celebrated last day of summer quarter. Honestly, i has been living in Seattle 2 years, not mention i'm a food lover but this was the first time i tried hot pot for one person ( i meant knowing its existence in Seattle). 

New favorite shoes 
My best wearing tip: dress whatever you feel free, since that's your life.
Favorite vegetarian restaurant, and it has beautiful view too ;)

Cat woman , hahahahah. I'm too addicted with this " cat-head" app.
Coffee art for a morning.

waiting for firework on july, 4th.

This photo reminds me of Da Nang that was looked from mountain at night
love the corner ❤️
Waiting to get in.
They just opened new bagel coffee near my house. 
Dinner in Portland. Too... not good.They looked delicious though.

Feel the... road ;)
Tried to smile in the hopeless weather T.T ( just got back from a lake, and couldn't stand hotness after living in Seattle for a while)