Sunday, May 5, 2013

    These past days were really sunny. Although i was stuck with midterm, projects, assignments..., i tried my best to sneak outside and enjoying the sunshine. If i didn't do that, i would scratch myself till death Lol. I cut my hair last week as i mentioned in the previous blog. Honestly, i felt kinda nervous and almost decided not to cut anymore. I kept talking with the hair stylist and seemed how i was truly  annoying to her. It's not that bad though, the hair looked beautiful in the first day but terrible in the next day hahahahahaha.
   Anyway, Some photos of my daily life.  As i say above, i tried to sneak out last friday, calling my friend, asking them to pretend amateur tourists again, who first came to Seattle hahaha. Love our tradition!
Me-with new hair.

I'm not really into ice cream but my friend kept forcing me to try this ice cream shop. And hell yeah, it was quite delicious!

Salte caramel ice cream
I bet you know this place when it comes to Seattle

Super cute!

My favorite bakery, they have good lemon coconut bar.

Love the outfit of this woman!
Selfie photo in the most beautiful fitting room i've ever seen.

Late afternoon coffee with a friend.


  1. Your new hair looks lovely so work itttt girl!

  2. @Xannie Nguyen: You're so sweet girl ;), thank you for the compliment! :D