May 27, 2013

Crap thoughts

  I can't even realize how time flies so fast. It's already almost 6 months since i came back to Seattle. At the time, i still remember how cold it was, how i missed my home, how i felt hopeless to find somewhere to live, but Everything has settled well  at the end.
To be honest, i'm not into fashion like last year. Mostly because i don't have a lot of money and rent fee is f***ing stealer. My style becomes more simple with every passing day. Somehow this makes me think that i don't have taste in fashion, although i always love it. I remember when i was in secondary and high school, my obsession goes to shorts and black color, so that my chemistry teacher didn't even bother remembering my name, she called me something like : " girl always wears shorts" Lol. I guess my sense of fashion had improved when i came to Seattle, i felt like i was in dream clothing world. Especially,in winter, i love  stylist in winter, the feelings when i layer each piece and try to figure out how it will be after mixing, even though the coldness was a truly demon.
I think it's enough crap talking, some photos of my last weeks :)

I'm quite interested in pencil skirt recently
I had bought this dress for such a long time but never had a chance to wear it since It's always too cold in Seattle :(
My brother visited me last week before going back to VN. He looks alike me 97%, most people say we like twins despite of he is older than me 4 years old.
Yup, Starbucks every week

Had a nice sushi time with my friend in beautiful day.

Goodbye , my stupid brother. You will be missed!

In love with coffee

...and also pastries

Coffee night time! Taken by my friend :X

Little cutie and his mama :)

May 19, 2013

Cooking time - crab noodle

    Beside all the blogs about my daily life, outfits,etc... I had planned to do this post for such a long time but keep postponing this till now. If you follow my blog when it was new, you will realize i'm a food lover. However, when i was still in my country, i didn't cook a lot, i believe this happens to most overseas students Lol.I'm in kitchen more than last year since i was pretty new to Seattle when i first arrived here and literally wanted to try every food in Seattle. Btw, at the time i lived with my brother and we are really different in taste, i love salted food while he doesn't. I'm also lazy in washing dishes,so he is. That's why we went out a lot last year Hahahaha. Then i lived with a roommate, who loves cooking so much so that she cooked every single days. The only mission i got was eating and enjoying! Yes, i'm such a lazy cat ( i blame my laziness on  brother and the roommate). However, i'm pretty confident with my cooking skill, especially the foods like Pho, bun bo, bun rieu... You know why: because they can be storage for couple days and i don't need to re-cook ( lazy episode 2). Since i wanna save money this year, i gotta be in kitchen more. Okay, enough taking, the first dish i want to talk about is Bun rieu -  crab and pork noodle soup. My used to be morning breakfast on tuesday and thursday every week in Viet Nam. Although my version bun rieu doesn't look like bun rieu in Viet Nam, it still tastes ok though =_=.
   Since i'm not a professional chef  and have no idea how to measure ingredients, i suggest you guys should check out these two recipes. The first one has both vietnamese and english recipe, it's pretty easy and simple to follow. However, it would be more delicious if you combine the recipe from first video with the second one, which is more sophicated a little bit but i forsure it will make your dish more wonderful.

And now time for my showcase. These tips below i got from my experiences and friends.Whether You follow or not, but believe me it's gonna make your noodle tasty
1. Beside all the ingredients in recipes, i add minced shrimp into mixed of pork, eggs,shrimp/crab paste and keep shrimp heads for broth, which really increases flavor.
2. i also add crab cake ( don't really know how to call it, you can see it in photo 2,3). I got this tip from one of famous crab noodles in my city
2. People usually use either shrimp or crab paste. However, coincidentally i discovered that if you use both of the paste, it will be more delicious.
4. Stir shrimp heads with onion and tomatoes to get tasty broth.
5. Add vinegar while boiling noodle to keep white. Drain noodle and wash with cold water right away ( i guess it's on package instruction, read it carefully :) )
Finally, Enjoy your dish~

May 5, 2013

    These past days were really sunny. Although i was stuck with midterm, projects, assignments..., i tried my best to sneak outside and enjoying the sunshine. If i didn't do that, i would scratch myself till death Lol. I cut my hair last week as i mentioned in the previous blog. Honestly, i felt kinda nervous and almost decided not to cut anymore. I kept talking with the hair stylist and seemed how i was truly  annoying to her. It's not that bad though, the hair looked beautiful in the first day but terrible in the next day hahahahahaha.
   Anyway, Some photos of my daily life.  As i say above, i tried to sneak out last friday, calling my friend, asking them to pretend amateur tourists again, who first came to Seattle hahaha. Love our tradition!
Me-with new hair.

I'm not really into ice cream but my friend kept forcing me to try this ice cream shop. And hell yeah, it was quite delicious!

Salte caramel ice cream
I bet you know this place when it comes to Seattle

Super cute!

My favorite bakery, they have good lemon coconut bar.

Love the outfit of this woman!
Selfie photo in the most beautiful fitting room i've ever seen.

Late afternoon coffee with a friend.