March 29, 2013

Rock the world!

      Again, another photo diary. These photos are taken one week before final exams. We took a bus to University street to buy some stuffs for Laina's fishes, got for myself a fish and then wandered. Nothing much to say except my outfit was kinda Hip hop style and it suited perfectly with the Graffiti wall. Love it!
Hip hop face.

Pretty smile.

 To those who drawn these graffiti, you guys are the best.
Cinnamon roll and latte for the beautiful morning

Hey yo man!

March 27, 2013

Outfit for the day

     I wanna write something before heading out to see blossoms with my friends. Seattle recently is overwhelmed with flowers and blossoms everywhere, So awesome! Although Spring is not my favorite season since it's too hard to dress in spring ( super cold in the morning, hot around 11-4, and then cold again) , i do love it A lot. The photo above is my daily outfit for spring time. Too simple - i know but well, that's how my style is :) ( btw it's easy to take off jacket and tights when the temperature gets hot )

March 24, 2013

Seattle diaries 12

Believe or not? I have a thousand of photos that are needed to edit right now. Every weekends, i tried to schedule " blog time", in which i will write, edit and post photos to this blog but most of the time i ended up writing some crap things that weren't supposed to be on my " blog list". It sucks every times, although there were some good ones . Anyway, the photos above are taken in an usual hang out day with my friend. It was kinda a gray day ( you know that how Seattle is) but we had a really great time. Let's the photos tell you!

Blossoms in Seattle. My most favorite thing in the world.
Paramount theater 

Somewhere under Pine Market - Highly recommend for those who are going to travel to Seattle. 

On the way from downtown to my apt. I really love walking recently, and here is one of my reasons: listen to the sound  of Seattle

My girl was trying to pin the blossom on her hair.

Well, nothing can't happen in America ... A "sexy" superwoman.

My favorite capture of the day: A taxi driver read book while he was waiting for customers. it brings me a weird feelings every times i looked at this photo. It's so LIFE!
From laina's apt. I don't know why but this photo makes me homesick
Twilight in Seattle. Amazing!
Nice dressing girl. I tried to snap her secretly and here is the result. Although i coudn't take  the in front of her but if i could, it would be blow you out.Too simple and elegant!
Finally, It's me. 

Fashion inspirations

All of these are the fashion inspirations i got from tumblr, weheartit, instagram( jen dang, helenahgg,kimnguyen,ashleux...) stockholmstreetstyle, thesartorialist... Honestly these photos under are just 1/1000 in my inspiration box and not the best ones but i still wanna share, maybe you  love these too!
Anyway, my taste in fashion is kinda weird, i don't really have a certain taste, so these photos are quite messy and like a mixed cocktail. I do foresure love this cocktail though.