Monday, February 18, 2013

Seattle photo diaries

I planed to post this diary earlier since i'm gonna have monday off school, so i can have time to write another blog post but AS USUAL, everytime i said i would do something, it didn't work out Lol and now i end up with only one post ( God, why am i always like this, why? ) . Anyway, here is my photo diary of the last two weeks, nothing special though, except The Lunar New year event.
Daily style :). Sweater, jean shorts, tights, sneaker. Yes, i'm ready to go.

cute colorful pattern purse
Always adore her freedom/chic style
I and Laina tried to do something fun and finally  found a pretty backyard to do some silly photos together.

At first when i just met Laina, i didn't really like taking photos of her as a model since i didn't get the feelings but the more i know her, the more  beautiful our photos turn to be.
Like a boss.
school outfit all the time. Simple, cute, and easy to wear in 3 minutes for hurry school morning . Teehee!!!

Had custard crepe before walking around China town on Lunar New year
 Good spot to see lion dance LOL.
Lion dance in front of my favorite congee restaurant.
random shoot.

  I kinda regret not to take a lot photos on Lunar New year, even though it was a good day. Well, not exactly a good day, but almost.  At the night, i dressed so glamorously, picking up the best sequin dress plus a nice leather jacket, pretty makeup on the face and ended up getting lost in downtown WTF T.T, but i still ( thanks god) had a  5 minutes chance to see fireworks and new year moments in A CAR , which parked far far away from the firework ( thank you a friend, i'm gonna stab you by my boots). However, we did have a small party so it wasn't that bad since nothing more wonderful than to welcome New Year time with good friends :)
  Time for some Instagram photos.
I must say, scary eyes look good on me.

Cheesecakes for weekend  and work out like crazy in the next day. ( Poor me :( )

A snap of  an upcoming makeup / shopping hunt post. Stay tuned tomorrow if I'm not lazy hehehe.


  1. You have firework for LNY? Cool!!! In my asiantown (^^) we have múa lân and pháo like the old times (It's odd that I got to watch pháo in Europe and not VN) :D Chúc mừng năm mới Kun nhé!!!

  2. Yes, it was even more beautiful than the NY one Lol. Hahahaha, i know your feelings when i saw pháo in Seattle, akward moment. Chúc mừng năm mới Xannie Nguyen nhé, cảm ơn đã đọc blog của Kun :D