Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quickpost for Happy friday

The next post of San Francisco is on the way, i'm going to finish it soon as i can, There are so many beautiful photos to share and i really love it. Stay tuned!

Some highlights of my week on instagram.
Cheeseplate for luxury night. 
Phở, best food ever  in the world. Literally, can eat 27/4 without feeling bored.

Very " healthy" meal at Red Robin. God forgives me ( Again) for my mistake. I'm gonna back to my diet soon T.T

Wondering is there anybody outside who walked to Starbucks at 10 pm like me?

Discovered a beautiful old place in Seattle.I'm So happy to get the feelings of being traveller again since i kinda get bored of some places in Seattle 
Red for black day.
My favorite photos of the week. After a stressful week, wandering with your friend was the best medicine to help you get out of messy stuffs.
"YO yo man" ( don't notice my legs, they looks funny in this photo :D )


  1. The first photo is perfection. I loveee to pamper myself with a good cheese plate, some good bread and a glass of wine! And your wood board is lovely, (to be honest any food on a wood board is lovely). I'm still on the look for a nice one but the ones I like are out of my price range :(

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  3. Oh thank you, so sweet comment :) ! i got this like 5 bucks or something, i have looked for nice one too like a black stone but as you said, they're out of my pocket :(. Anyway, if you have time, we can chat about cheeses sometime :), that would be fun a lot !!!