Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Off to Las Vegas

On the way
First look

Me in front of hotel

The hotel i stayed

When i first stepped into my hotel room, i was just like: " OH MY GOD, WTHELL". The most luxury hotel room i've ever been and maybe the last time i could live in the room like this T.T ( thanks to a friend of my mother's friend, she is kind of a frequent gambler of this hotel). It was so so big, Its shape like an arc along with big window that covered the room. From the window, i could even see copies of eiffel tower and triomphe. 
So here now is my tragic story: While my mom was going to Thuy Nga paris with her friend, i joined group with sons of my mother's friend and their friends. But honestly, when i got out the hotel, it was freaking f*cking hot considering it was night. After listening to one guy of the group, we headed to a hotel that has a real lion but it turned out they sent back the lion to a zoo.Ridiculous! So what could we do now? i mean the temperature was getting hotter every minutes and most of us were so tired. We changed plan to a different hotel that has a children section -_-'. We splited into two group: yound and old. The old group ( which contained people who were older than 21 years old) played cards while us - the young group played at the CHILDREN SECTION. And sadly, i grouped with a "chicken couple" so it was better for me to play alone and finally left the group with a notice to start my own travel but seemed like the mature group didn't allow me to go :)))  ( PLZ, I'M 18).
   I decided to sneak out and successfully did it. However, i don't think i was lucky enough to realized i took the wrong key, instead it was replaced by a membership card of someone while the phone didn't work anymore and ended up sitting in front of the hotel room like a poor girl, who needed to sleep right away.
   The next day, i literally spent all day shopping. i meant everybody did it, people were scared of going out because of the hotness. They did go out but only for switching to another malls/hotels. At night, I and mom separated out of group to explore The Sin city. It says that Las Vegas is only Las vegas only when the sky goes to sleep, then showtime for crowds of people flocked to outside, taking photos, strolling and were breath-taking by the flashes. Sexy girls everywhere, some dancers, some drunks... It is definitely the most lively city i've been. Mom and I decided to see musical water fountain, it was okay since the one  i saw in Singapore literally was beyond the perfect.  We walked around, looking for a hotel, that has an imitation of Venice: river, gondala boats, handsome guys who row gondala boats. Well, the heat kept increasing and my mom became exhausted after hours walking outside so we gave up going to the Venice hotel and came back to hotel, enjoying the beauty of Las Vegas upon. Was i sad? Nah, i kinda prefer laying my body on a comfortable couch watching " fake" eiffel tower, lights, everything from high view through a glass window ( i would say it was more like wall, honestly).  The last day, we had a delicious brunch at PJ's chang and spent all the morning and afternoon playing poker, card, gamble machine. Neither I nor my mom  played these games since i'm not 21 yet and mom doesn't like gamle, the atmosphere in this area was quite fun and lively though. I actually wanted to try these gamble machine so I forced my mom to play it ( i sat behind,kept watching security while trying to figure out how to play these machines hahaha), we won 5 bucks or something and lose like around that, then we knew it was right time to stop LOl. I also watched people playing poker and had no idea  rules of the game but this game definitely brought so much money to the one who one and tears to losers. I've never liked gamble. However, if i had a chance to come back Las Vegas, i might try playing this poker game. Who knows?
I wasn't allowed to go in, kind of sad, ehhh

However, the gamle area had strippers so it wasn't that sad Lol

too many people

Children are. 

Another imitation 

My face didn't look good in this photos, so i "changed"  a little bit hehe.

The only thing i like about Las Vegas is its luxury. Tall buildings flash all the time, crowded everywhere , strippers ( hehehe, i'm not pervert or gay but i do like it ;) ) and seems like this city never sleeps. Personally, i don't like it a lot: super hot, too many people, nothing to see except shopping and wandering some luxury hotels, Although i pretended i love it to make my mother's friend happy. It might be because i'm the type of person who like exploring, wandering and seeing historical places  . So if you have a chance to travel here, i would recommend you to see musical water fountain - although it's not even 10% interestingness of singapore's musical water, it's worth to see. Shopping, yes, it's a heaven shopping for shopaholic, believe me, every brands in here, in every hotels, from the cheapest to the most expensive/luxury, seeing some funny stores like coke and M&M , playing poker/cards/machine if you are older than 21, watching strippers and enjoying the colorful of Las vegas.

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