Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No boyfriend, no problem

     Recently, many people asked me " Do you have bf, why don't you have bf, don't you feel lonely, blah blah blah". Well  my answer is : BIG ZERO.
 and here are the reasons for my answer.

_ You have a lot of time hanging out with your friends and making new friends, plus you can check out any handsome guy you want.

_  Freedom.

_ You don't have to spend time for crap things like being tired and sad when you are angry with your boyfriend.

_No jealous

_You won’t have to experience that nervous sweaty feeling that meeting the ex-girlfriend-turned-good-friend would put you through.

_ And  a lot of more.

I don't recommend you that having boyfriend is bad since i do want a boyfriend in the future but not too overacting like some of people i know, who always keep complaining about not having boyfriend.  I believe in fate and previous incarnation. Your destiny is maybe in some corners and waiting for you. Don't worry, just enjoy your life as a happy single person. Happy valentine day!
( it's not like usual post but i write it for reason ;) )
My new tee from forever21, hehe.

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