Saturday, February 9, 2013

Instagram/iphone diary and HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR

  I'm so happy that i have been writing blog for over three years and it's gonna be four years soon.I remembered the first time i started blog, it was just some random stories and then it became my travelling diaries and soon became a journal of my daily life, photography and outfits. There was a time when i decided to cancel my blog but it seems the blog has become an important part of my life. Whether it has readers or not, i'm glad that i have reached to this stage and also grateful to those who have been supporting my blog for past years. Finally, " HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! WISH YOU, YOUR FAMILY ALL THE BEST IN THIS COMING YEAR AND THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG :)"
When i looked my photos of me 1-2 years ago,  it's surprised that i have been changing like a lot. Compared to the photos when i came back to Viet Nam last fall and this time, i can't believe how much i have changed, its only over month. Even my friends coudn't believe when they saw me now. I think its  because i'm trying to be a real bitch recently, which in other words i call it's wiser. ( the left photo: trying to be cute with round eyes and the right: trying to be evil-doer)

The night before Lunar New year. Choux pastry, bubble tea, bò bía.  I'm going to celebrate the lunar party tonight, last year i didn't even the existing of  Lunar New Year but this year, tonight, i'm gonna rock.

1,2,3.Had a nice lunch at one of my favorite American restaurant with just only 15$ for  course.  4. made some spring rolls ( somehow to remember Viet Nam)
1. really missing summer, shorts, shirts, lace, everything/ 2. tried to create some outfit photos with watches but gave up soon after that.
Finally, i got you babe, i have dreamt this watches for such a long time and now  " you belong with me" babe
time to go.

The first resolution this year: eat healthier , more vegetables like this  meal.

woke up at 7 am and really pissed off when a friend visited so early and then so happy that she carried Bánh chưng ( special food for Lunar new year and i haven't eaten it for such a long time ),  for me.  Love you the friend :X !
just a capture of a street near where i live right now,.
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